• "A healthy mind in a healthy body."

    While Sheridan Technical High School is fully committed to strong academic success, we also believe in providing a healthy, active lifestyle for students; and holding to this belief, there is a wide range of athletic clubs available: Basketball, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. During the season, athletic clubs generally meet two to four times a week. Any student, regardless of athletic ability, can join an athletic club provided their academic scores and behavior meet school requirements.


    Athletic clubs compete twice a year versus Atlantic Technical High School and McFatter Technical High School in a cumulative point system to determine who takes home 'The Cup.'

    Interested in playing sports competitively and representing Sheridan Tech against McFatter and Atlantic?

    Athletic Club is starting up next week! This year we will be competing in Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball (in that order). We will create teams to compete against McFatter and Atlantic, as well as a couple of casual teams should you want to come out and play sports with your friends, after school, or for fun.




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