• Rationale:

    Nova High School offers a comprehensive Word of the Day program, which supports higher student achievement on the ACT and SAT.

    Program Description:

    Each day, a word is assigned for students to review.  Students will interact with this word in different ways throughout the day. Each content area is responsible for having a Word of the Day grade in Pinnacle.  Please check your child's Pinnacle gradebook to view the grade for each subject area.

    Student Activities:

    Period 1/5 - Present the word, definition, and example sentence

    Period 2/6 - Identify the synonym(s) and antonym(s)

    Period 3/7 - Write a sentence on the assigned topic (see Word of the Day list)

    Period 4/8 - Respond, in writing, to the activity question

    Students will be tested on Word of the Day in their English class.