• Titan Think Tank (TTT) consists of the Word of the Day and the Critical Thinking Problem.  


    Students are responsible for one composition notebook that they are expected to carry to each period for completion of the TTT activities.

    ·       TTT Activities:

    o   Periods 1/5 – Introduce WOD, pronunciation, definition, and example sentence (teacher provides). Student completes the synonym and antonym.

    o   Periods 2/6 – Student sentence (use the word in a different context).

    o   Periods 3/7 – Assigned activity (changes based on the word of the day).

    o   Periods 4/8 – Students copy the Critical Thinking Problem in their notebook and find a solution (can be done in pairs, groups, or individually). Teachers play a video of the solution.

    ·       Teachers will encourage students to incorporate the words into their daily writing assignments and assign a participation grade in Pinnacle for student completion of the TTT activities.

    ·       Assessments:

    o   English teachers will assess the Word of the Day. 

    o   Math teachers will assess the Critical Thinking Problem.