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  • Here are three things you should know about FAFSA and its financial aid opportunities:

    1. You may qualify for aid from your state and the federal government. Be sure you apply/renew on time to meet your state’s priority deadline. 

    2. Applying/renewing your FAFSA online is the recommended method. Submitting this way allows you to use tools that will make the process quicker.

    3. The biggest FAFSA mistake is not completing or renewing the form at all.

    Complete your FAFSA. Try to submit the FAFSA as early as possible to maximize your chances for college scholarships.

Unable to complete FAFSA left $3.7 Billion

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The Better FAFSA is set for a delayed launch in December instead of October 1, 2023

  • The Better FAFSA (launched December 2023) will increase the number of students with lower family incomes who are eligible to receive a Pell Grant. The US Department of Education estimates that the new FAFSA will increase Pell Grant recipients by nearly 15%. The maximum Pell Grant will automatically become available to students from households earning less than around twice the federal poverty level for their household size.  The maximum Pell Grant award for 2024-25 is $7,395 – that’s a lot of money that doesn’t have to be paid back!

    Just a few additional highlights of the many Better FAFSA changes include:

    The number of application questions will be reduced significantly.

    Students will be able to list up to 20 colleges on the application (up from 10).

    Everyone will need an FSA ID to input information into the new application.

    The new application is role-based, and each person will only be able to see questions assigned to them based on their role.

    There is a new process for individuals without Social Security numbers to obtain an FSA ID.

    New policies will streamline assistance for students in foster care or experiencing homelessness.

    To make the transition to the Better FAFSA as smooth as possible, this is a great time to get informed about all the changes. FSA’s FAFSA Simplification page has a number of informative documents with more to come throughout the fall. The National College Attainment Network’s Better FAFSA page is also a one-stop-shop for all things Better FAFSA and is updated regularly. Content includes FAQs, a state policy and advocacy toolkit, a training toolkit, important dates and trainings, and relevant news articles. Bookmark and stay tuned to this page so you don’t miss any updates!

    We are planning to have a Financial Aid Night at STHS closer to the December opening date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA. We are still getting info from the Federal Government on the changes coming.(If you are starting college in the summer, you need to do the 2023-2024 FAFSA, which is online now at

  • Federal Assistance Student Financial Aid (FASFA) Assistance

    Why Invest In Increasing FASFA Completion?

    What is a FASFA? The FASFA takes less than an hour to complete, but it can help cover the costs of higher education.

    After the FAFSA: What to Do Once You’ve Submitted Yours  

    The FAFSA on the Web allows families to transfer information provided on federal tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) database to FAFSA on the Web. If you file your tax returns electronically, the tax data will be available for transfer to the FAFSA after three weeks. If you file paper tax returns, the tax data will be available for transfer after eight to ten weeks. If you completed your FAFSA before the IRS tax information was available for transfer, you can later transfer the IRS tax data as a FAFSA correction. Transferring tax information from the IRS to your FAFSA will cut down the amount of time the college needs to verify the information supplied on your FAFSA.

    One of the most common errors on the FAFSA is for students to leave the student or parental asset fields blank. If there is no monetary value to report for assets, use a -0- rather than leaving the item blank.

    If your parents are divorced, you will only have to provide information about the parent you lived with the most in the last year. If you lived with both parents for an equal amount of time in the last year, provide information about the parent who provided the most financial support to you. If that parent has remarried, you will need to report your parents' marital status as 'married' on the FAFSA and provide income and asset information for your stepparent.

    If your family has unusual circumstances (such as divorce, death of a parent, loss of employment, loss of income or benefits, homelessness, unusually high medical expenses, active military service, natural disaster, foster care placement, etc.) that might affect your need for student financial aid, please be sure to consult with the financial aid office at the college you plan to attend. The financial aid director may be able to use professional judgment to adjust your financial aid eligibility.

    Sign the FAFSA and have at least one parent whose information is provided on the form signing the FAFSA. You and your parents can apply for PIN numbers while completing the FAFSA on the Web, so you can sign the form electronically. Missing signatures cause delays in processing. (Note: There are special exceptions for parents unable to sign due to active military duty or natural disaster. Contact your college for further information.)

    The Federal government just announced more emergency money and/or rescue resources are coming to help soon-to-be college students impacted by COIVD.

  • How To Read Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

    You’ve submitted your FAFSA and you’ll soon get your SAR. Understand the report 100% by learning these financial aid report terms.

  • Scholarship Opportunity

    Scholarships for FAFSA Completion
    By confirming completion of the FAFSA, your students can qualify for drawings for $500 College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Here's how students qualify:

    1. They sign up for CollegeBoard Opportunity Scholarships if they haven't yet joined.
    2. They fill out the FAFSA.
    3. Once they've submitted the FAFSA, they visit the My Action Plan page and confirm their submission.

    If they are legally ineligible to complete the FAFSA, they can still qualify for this scholarship on their My Action Plan page.

    Winners are selected monthly and are notified via the email in their College Board accounts. For questions about Opportunity Scholarships, email or call 844-298-3554.

    Please do not forget to check our Scholarships Opportunities page.