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  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) advisories and committees consult schools, departments and the School Board on a variety of issues. The members, who represent the District’s stakeholders, contribute invaluable services to BCPS by serving as subject matter experts in their respective advisories or committees.

    View a list of the District's Advisories and Committees, which includes relevant contact information. For meeting dates and times, click on links below.

    NOTE: Individuals who wish to serve on an advisory or committee are required to take Ethics Training and are subject to Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. For training program information and additional resources, visit https://www.browardschools.com/Page/41329.

  • Policies and By-Laws

    The name of this forum will be the Nova D. Eisenhower Elementary School Advisory Forum (SAF). This
    The forum operates under Broward County School Board Policy 1.3: School Advisory Forum. 

    Section 1: Mission Statement: The mission of the Nova D. Eisenhower Elementary SAF is to foster and
    promote communication between its stakeholders, the school, and the Area Advisory Council. The SAF
    shall bring forth recommendations, concerns, and interests to and from their Area Advisory Council.
    Section 2: Duties:
    1. All duties will be advisory in nature, none of which will conflict with any of the powers and duties reserved by law, policy, or administrative guidelines to the principal.
    2. Actively participate with the School Advisory Council in identifying the educational needs and priorities
    of school.
    3. Actively participate with the principal in the preparation of the budget and reviewing the budget- related
    concerns after each FTE count.
    4. Indicate awareness of the program and plans for the school by the signature of the chairperson on the
    budget when it is submitted for district budget preparation.
    5. Assist in the identification and coordination of the use of community resources to improve student
    achievement and school effectiveness.
    6. Address parent/community concerns; work with the administration to solve problems and to initiate
    desirable change.
    7. Assist in increasing/sustaining high levels of community support for the school.
    8. Assist in planning, developing, and implementing parent/community programs and training activities.
    9. Participate in joint training opportunities with the School Advisory Council.
    10. In addition to individual School Advisory Forum meetings, we hold semi-annual meetings jointly with the
    School Advisory Council.
    11. The School Advisory Forum shall use guidelines developed by the district, develop and adopt
    procedural bylaws, conducting meetings in accordance with the Florida Sunshine Laws, and conduct
    meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. 

    Read the entire SAF By-Laws

  • SAF Team Members

    SAF Team Members
    Lisa Matthews - SAF Chair 

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