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    The Academy of Music and Media Conservatory will be split between two pathways including Band and Journalism. Band students will develop skills related to musical performing arts, such as; synchronization, sight-reading, harmonization, composition, and improvisation. The band will also support the magnet programs by composing musical content for the Awesome Olsen Middle academies. Journalism students will learn the fundamentals of journalism and be immersed in a multimedia curriculum of video, audio, and web content production. Mentors from the Miami Herald and BECON TV will be coming to speak to our students. The journalism students will also take part in the production of our Viking TV station.

Phone: 754-323-3800


Degrees and Certifications:

Florida State University, Bachelor's Degree

Ms. Jennifer Luechauer

Ms. Luechauer is an exciting new educator at Awesome Olsen Middle School. In a single year, she grew the band from 50 to 150 students, which is a great accomplishment for any band director. She is respected as a mentor by her students to such a degree that almost all of her previous students have returned to the band in the 2019-2020 school year.

Ms. Luechauer has a love of animals and has thought about running an animal shelter. She also has a love of crafts and jewelry making. Ms. Luechauer takes a personal interest in her students and maintains good relationships with them. Her concern is imparting both musical knowledge to students, but also wisdom to help guide them through their lives. Ms. Luechauer helps students see the big picture and encourages them not to sweat the small stuff. Her main goal is to have students strive to their greatest in every meeting of the band to