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  • Ms. Harris Principal of Olsen MSIt is one of the most exciting times of the year as we welcome new and returning faces to a new school year, opening our doors for the first time in our school's history as a magnet school, the Awesome Olsen Middle iCAN Magnet Academy. 

    We have an unyielding commitment to producing outstanding scholars equipped to successfully meet high school expectations and beyond. 

    We are now able to offer five distinct academies to empower our scholars to delve into their passion while equipping them with the global knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for college and career readiness, and life.

    Life, after all, is the greatest academy that each and every child who enters our doors majors in, for he/she has the unique opportunity to connect to their peers, mentors, and themselves, during and beyond the school day. This continual connection transforms each child along their individual path of discovery and enables them to still be a child, while simultaneously developing into a scholar.

    Repeated intentional social interaction is critical and matters greatly in the development of each child. Whether it is the book club, school dance, football game, movie night, band concert, fashion show, Breakfast with the Principal, popcorn socials, it all matters greatly in how our children interact with themselves and others and has a tremendous impact on their growth and development. So, assuredly yes, the Fall Festival and Movie Nights matter just as much as the math homework. 

    These unique experiences enable our children to just be kids, laugh, create, connect, and build enduring bonds within and outside of themselves. 

    We prepare our scholars to develop into critical thinkers as well as human beings who honor their community, school, peers and themselves.

    We empower our scholars to not just believe but also see that every person has worth, including themselves, for when our amazing children value and honor themselves, everything else flows from that rock-solid foundation. 

    Hence, we provide our scholars with limitless opportunities to connect to a small learning community, club, sport, and/or initiative (i.e. community or school service, internship, field trip, competition, and/or leadership).

    Assuredly, yes, great things are happening at the Awesome Olsen iCAN Middle Magnet Academy and we are beyond thankful to lead your scholar, your child, through what undoubtedly will be the most amazing time of his/her growth and development. 

    We wish your child an AWESOME school year and look forward to working alongside YOU, the heartbeat of our school, our amazing parents, as together, we continue to create excellence for each and every child who enters our doors.  

    Committed to Excellence,

    Ms. Valerie Harris

    Phone: 754-323-3800

    Email: Valerie Harris