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    At Awesome Olsen iCAN Magnet Academy students are guided to select a Career Pathway Course of study as early as their 6th grade year. This focus will offer students the opportunity to explore career interest areas in depth over the next three years. The selected career pathways offer innovative ways of organizing the curriculum and academic academies. As students matriculate through Olsen Middle School, their career pathways will continue to be expanded and developed to afford students a personalized educational journey.

    Our academic academies are organized around broad areas of interest including Media, Music, Business, Education, Hospitality and Tourism, and Marine Science & Robotics.  Enrollment in one of our unique programs allows students to experience first-hand training and career coaching from business and industry partners, pursue career opportunities and earn multiple industry certifications as they investigate their areas of postsecondary and career interest.

    We transform students into young professionals.

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    Information for Parents

    Thank you for your interest in Awesome Olsen iCAN Magnet Academy. We are dedicated to preparing students for college and career. Our students are grouped into five different academies as part of our iCAN initiative, which stands for Integrating Career and Academic Networks. These academies are Business, Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Robotics & Marine Science, and Media & Music Conservatory. Students will have one academy based elective and a second student chosen elective course.  It is the expectation that all students take care in selecting their magnet academy so that they can experience the career opportunities and transition seamlessly to high school with high school credits in their magnet programs as well as industry certifications.  Our iCAN Magnet program is aligned to our feeder high school, South Broward High School.

    Students who live two or more miles from school are encouraged to complete a magnet application in order to receive transportation.  Our magnet program is open to Broward County students who live south of I-595.

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    How to Apply

    The Magnet Window is open from May 1, 2023 - September 1, 2023.

    Step 1.  Student Identification Number - Prior to completing a magnet application, you will need to ensure your child has a student identification number with Broward County Public Schools. You may secure a student identification number from any public school in Broward County.

    Step 2.  Choose Your Application Option and Apply Today - For your convenience the Magnet Application is online. Select the appropriate link below to complete your application today! Please be advised admission into one of our award-winning magnet programs is subject to eligibility.

    Click on the MAP icon to verify Olsen Middle School is your in-boundary educational institution.

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    New to Broward County

    If you are not a Broward County resident and would like your child to attend one of the Broward County public elementary, middle, or high schools, please download the appropriate School Choice Application above. Upon receipt of your paper application, a Student Identification Number will be created for your child. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been entered into our system.

    Incomplete Applications: Faxed or incomplete applications will NOT be processed. Only one application per student will be accepted. Applications received or postmarked after May 8, 2020 will be processed at a later date pending space availability.

    Required Materials: All applicants must submit a copy of their most recent report card and FSA test scores to Demographics and Student Assignments by mail, fax, or email. Applications will NOT be processed until your report card and FSA test scores have been received. If FSA scores are not available, applicants must provide nationally recognized standardized achievement test scores in reading and mathematics.

    All report cards and FSA test scores can be submitted by mail, fax, or email to:

    Broward County Public Schools
    Demographics & Student Assignments
    600 SE 3RD Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Tel: 754-321-2480
    Fax: 754-321-2489
    Email: schoolchoice@browardschools.com

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all documents before the May 8, 2020 deadline.

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    The 2023/24 Phase II application window closes September 01, 2023. All requests for help and required documents sent by email before the application deadline (September 1st, 11:59 p.m.) will be honored as completed on-time applications.

    Phase II notifications will be available during the last week of each month.

    The Phase II window opens May 1st at 8:00 a.m.  Check the BCPS School Choice website for specific dates and more information.  Apply starting this date to be considered.

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    The Awesome Olsen iCAN Magnet Program welcomes applications from students who are motivated and demonstrate a strong interest in the areas of Business, Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Media & Music Conservatory or Marine Science & Robotics. Students must reside in Broward County south of I-595 to receive transportation.  Students who submit the application and live within the magnet boundary will receive transportation.  Students who complete reassignment applications will not be eligible for transportation. Applying students must have a strong academic background, evidenced by FSA scores in reading and math at or above Level 3, with satisfactory attendance and conduct records. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain a 2.5 GPA and meet the minimum requirements of all courses.

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    Choosing an Academy

    Making the decision to choose an academy is an important one. The academy chosen will determine the next three years of study. The reason for this is for students to learn what it takes to develop specialized skills in one area. If the student chooses, they can continue that pathway with our partner South Broward High School, or decide to take a new pathway when they get to high school. 

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    High School Credit

    Awesome Olsen iCAN Magnet Academy offers high school credit in advanced high school courses or through our virtual learning with our Florida Virtual School Offerings. These high school courses come in both the reality of career and college readiness elective courses as well as core content areas.

    High School courses offered:

    • Algebra I-H
    • Geometry H
    • Biology I-H
    • Marine Science - H
    • Spanish I-H
    • Spanish II-H
    • Chinese I-H
    • Chinese II-H
    • Experimental Science-H
    • Applied Robotics-H
    • Advanced IT-H


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