About DCA

  • Do What You Love At Dillard Center for the Arts

    Dillard Center for the Arts (DCA) provides training in dance, music, theater, and visual arts, complimented by a rigorous academic curriculum. Students must demonstrate ability and interest in one of the four artistic disciplines to be considered for acceptance.

    DCA is fully accredited and offers the same academic curriculum and graduation requirements as all Broward County high schools; the major difference in the academic program is that we offer the added ingredient of correlating the arts with academics, rather than treating either as isolated disciplines. All students spend three hours per day in their art areas, and the remainder of the time in academics or electives.

    The arts offered for in-depth study are: Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts. In addition, DCA is committed to its role as a college preparatory school, making students aware of the variety of opportunities they have for future training at colleges or universities, advanced art institutes, and conservatories. The school recognizes and values student individuality. It nurtures, without exception, the values of individual accomplishment and independence.

    Since individual creativity is integral to the production of art, our faculty and staff work with students on an individualized, human level that stimulates intellectual, artistic, and technical originality. By providing such an environment, we strive to graduate people who can work independently and creatively. At the same time, DCA places high value on group responsibility, loyalty, and sense of community. In a country that is sustained by a democratic process, a sense of individual worth, coupled with a sense of responsibility to a society, is invaluable. It is to these ends that DCA devotes its energies.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Dillard Center For The Arts is to foster independent thinking and creativity in both a challenging and rewarding environment. Dillard Center For The Arts seeks to offer preparation for higher education and professions in the arts by providing a diversified curriculum not available at the traditional high school, while creating an environment conducive for artistic growth and development for bright and talented high school students residing in Broward County.