• School Services  

    Every classroom in the District relies on display equipment (projectors, TVs, document cameras, etc.) to enhance the educational experience for students. Eventually, there will be an equipment problem that needs troubleshooting and repair. That’s when you call the BECON School Services team. In many cases, we can be on site within one or two business days to assess your concern(s) and make the necessary recommendations or repairs to get your equipment working again.

    Our School Services team maintains broadcast and display equipment such as TVs, projectors, and document cameras.  We can assist your school with IPTV and in-house broadcasting systems.  We can replace burnt out projector bulbs, repair/replace damaged BECON drop wiring, and even provide installation services for new TVs in schools.  We also assist SUI with security cameras when requested.


    BCPS employees click here for more information or to place a work order request.