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    The Academy of Education is established to help children learn the skills it takes to become a childcare professional, classroom teacher, or potential college professor. Content will include learning about early childhood development, the art of pedagogy, as well as educational policies and laws that support high standards in education. Students will also develop certifications in Microsoft Office to help them master technology in the classroom. We will have mentors throughout the county speak with the students about the field of education. Students will apply their knowledge of education while working with zone schools to mentor and teach preschool and elementary age students.

    This academy supports students pursuing college or career in the educational field.  The content of this academy includes the development of leadership skills, communication skills, and employability skills; resource management, exploration of careers in the field of education; the importance of health and safety in the learning environment; developmental stages of children and appropriate learning activities, observation of children, and the use of technology in education-related careers.

Mr. Michael George

Phone: 954-323-3800


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael George

Mr. George is a 22-year veteran of teaching. He has spent most of his career teaching mathematics but now is the main Academy of Education teacher. Mr. George wants to bring his passion for teaching to the next generation of educators.

Mr. George loves teaching, reading, playing chess and football. One of his most proud accomplishments is bringing Awesome Olsen Middle School students to a third-place victory in the county chess tournament in 2019. Mr. George’s goal for all students is to help them become successful by helping them live up to their highest potential.