• Middle school band students playing instruments Supporting young people in creative learning and artistic endeavors engages and enriches them in all aspects of their lives. The presence of music, team building, and collaboration overall is an important skill for our students.

Foreign Language

  • Hello written in multiple foreign languages Our programs help students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Students learn cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors that will help them throughout life. 

Culinary Arts

  • Students in a kitchen chopping vegetables and preparing a meal Our Culinary Arts program supports, engages, and enriches our students by helping them learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. They are introduced to meal preparation skills through hands-on and classroom activities.

Global Scholars

  • Three students learning about global issue by communicating through their computer Middle school is a great time to learn about global communications. Students participate with peers across the globe creating opportunities to build general learning competencies.