• There are many scholarships available for those students who have both scholastic ability and a good academic record or who demonstrate special talents in such fields as sports, journalism, debate, dramatics, art, music, etc., with the ability to do post-secondary work. Some organizations are looking to award scholarships to students who have made an academic turn around in school or who have faced hardships and difficulties. Financial need is a primary factor in many instances

    SECURING A SCHOLARSHIP IS ESSENTIALLY THE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT. It is a rare occurrence for a scholarship to be offered to a student who has not made application. SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON ACHIEVING THE BEST GRADES POSSIBLE IN THE MOST RIGOROUS CURRICULUM POSSIBLE. It is advisable for juniors seeking scholarship dollars to take college admissions tests as early as January. Students who are interested in securing a scholarship should take the following steps:


    • The college/university is a primary source of scholarships and each college has its own financial aid program. Check college Home Pages.
    • See your guidance counselor/BRACE advisor on how to use the DISCOVER scholarship database at school and at home.
    • Check with the college/university to determine which examinations the college requires. Registration forms for these examinations are available in the guidance office or check out information on-line ACT and SAT I & II You must register in advance and pay a fee for these tests.
    • Look for scholarships in your high school's scholarship bulletin and/or newsletter. Check out the Monthly Scholarship Bulletin. Follow up by securing applications from your BRACE advisor.
    • Listen to your schools morning announcements for scholarship information.
    • Ask department heads of various subjects for information about special scholarships within their fields, particularly in the science and social studies area.
    • Religious, civic, and fraternal organizations also have scholarship funds available.
    • Check to see if the companies you or your parents work for offer scholarships. If a parent is a veteran, scholarships are also available.
    • Scholarships are not the only way to finance education. In fact, more financial aid dollars are available to fund an education than scholarship dollars!
    • Since scholarships rarely cover the total cost of college, use your own initiative in seeking other forms of financial aid, such as co-op education, Florida Pre-Paid College Program or creative financing.
    • Be aware that many scholarships are offered for students planning to attend vocational technical schools.
    • Beware of Scholarship Scams!
    • The Bright Futures Scholarship Program is available to Florida high school graduates.
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      === ! ATTENTION ! ===
    If you are involved in an organization or employed by a business that has a scholarship program that Broward students could benefit from, please notify the school system. Call the District Guidance Office at (754) 321-2591. If your organization needs assistance in distributing scholarship information to the public high schools, please contact the District Guidance Office.
    If you or any organization you represent would like to begin a scholarship program or make a donation to the the existing scholarship program for Broward County public school graduates, call the Broward Education Foundation at (754) 321-2030.