• Policy 6000.1 (Student Progression) and Policy 6306 (Homework) Changes


    RATIONALE: On September 14, 2021, The School Board of Broward County, Florida approved changes to Policy 6000.1 and Policy 6306.  These changes must be communicated to teachers and upheld within school operations.
    ACTION: Share the following changes to Policy 6000.1 and Policy 6306 with teachers and school stakeholders.  See the changes to policies below, note that the blue font indicates new language being added, red strikethrough indicates language being removed, and black font indicates language that has been in policy and will not be changed.
    Policy 6000.1 Summary
    Elementary Interim Reports (p. 14)
    3. Interim Reports
    Interim reports indicate if a student is having difficulties and report cards are
    marked to show on grade level or below grade level performance. No later than
    midway between marking periods, an interim report shall be sent to parents of students
    who are experiencing difficulty including, but not limited to:

    1. A below average grade (Grades 3 -­ 5 a grade of D pr F),
    2. A drop of two or more grades,
    3. Unacceptable behavior, and
    4. Excessive absences.

    Middle School Course Recovery Option (p. 24)
    f.  Students who achieve satisfactory performance or Level 3 or higher on a statewide, standardized assessment but failed a respective subject area middle school course may receive a full-­year grade of passing (‘P’) for promotion purposes, but the original course and failing grade (‘F’) must remain on the student’s transcript.

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    Financial Literacy High School Graduation Requirement (p. 46)
    8.  Complete 0.5 credit of Personal Financial Literacy (Money Matters)

    1. Equivalent dual enrollment or Florida Virtual School course will satisfy this requirement

    Elementary Good Cause Promotion for grades K, 1, 2, 4, & 5 (p. 70 – 75)
    Scores 70% or greater on the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Florida Journeys Common Core 2014 Benchmark Test (Unit 5) Reading and Analyzing Test sectionBenchmark Advance Interim 4
    Students with Disabilities assessment language (p. 5 & 19))
    Students with disabilities who meet state-­defined exemption criteria may be
    administered an alternate assessment (F.S. 1008.22(8)) or any one or a combination
    of the accommodations as authorized by law. An approved unique accommodation
    must be allowable for use on a statewide standardized assessment; must be
    used by the student during classroom instruction and assessments; and be
    described as such on the student’s IEP or plan a developed in accordance with
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
    Policy 6306 Summary
    See attached for changes to Policy 6306, Homework Policy.

    If you have any questions regarding the changes to these policies, please feel free to reach out directly to Guy Barmoha, Director Secondary Learning at guy.barmoha@browardschools.comVicky Saldala, Director of Bilingual/ESOL and Elementary Learning (Task-assigned) at victoria.saldala@browardschools.com  or Ralph Aiello, Director of School Counseling and BRACE Advisement at ralph.aiello@browardschools.com.