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  • The Faculty and Staff would like to welcome you to our school. We are here to provide quality education in a safe and secure environment! Our principal, assistant principals, office staff, counselors, teachers, and support staff are ready to work with you as partners in your child's education. Contact OMS Staff anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Tatiana S. Cummings, Assistant Principal, Grade 6

    Person Icon Greetings,

    I would like each student to receive the best education while preparing to be college and career-ready. I am dedicated to ensuring that students feel supported throughout their educational journey, either within the school building or a virtual classroom. My objective is to work with all stakeholders to create a positive learning environment where students can reflect on their emotional growth and gain the skills needed to achieve their academic goals.

    “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Thank you,

    Assistant Principal

  • Mrs. Kenyatta McKie, Assistant Principal, Grade 7

    Welcome parents and scholars to the 2023- 24 school year! As we return to school, we promise to remain steadfast in our promise to provide, "excellence to every student, every day!"  As we grow together, we want to tap into your child's limitless potential, provide opportunities to develop deep personal relationships, develop academically, and get a chance to develop their passions through the iCAN Magnet academies.

    Awesome Olsen Middle School truly provides a sixth through twelfth-grade experience and beyond with personalized academic pathways, a plethora of clubs and organizations, and various authentic engagement activities to cultivate student success in the 21st century.

    As the Assistant Principal over Magnet Programs, curriculum, and 6th grade, I look forward to partnering with students to create a deep learning experience focused on their strengths, needs, skills, and interests.

    Let's Grow Together and have an awesome year!

    Mrs. Kenyatta McKie

    Intern Principal

    Phone: (754) 323-3818

    Email: Kenyatta McKie

  • Mr. Chad Constantine, Assistant Principal, Grade 8

    Dear Vikings,

    We are all stakeholders in our children, value education, and work towards maximizing its benefits. In this unsettling pandemic, each person has a unique valued opinion on how to maximize the benefits of distance learning. However, we are united in the ultimate goal of keeping students safe – that includes viral transmission.

    I pledge to work tirelessly to maximize the effectiveness of online digital education efforts. This entails engaging, motivating, and actively monitoring the efforts of staff, teachers, and students. Parents are a vital component of the active community for educating students.

    I will enlist your aid in actively involving yourself in digital learning this school year. Your student’s online curriculum should be active, engaging, and effectively connect with the material. Digital learning is not distinct from classroom instruction. The teachers will slice content into easily digestible blocks, add interactivity, ensure accessibility, give personalized feedback when required, and measure student success with suitable analytics.

    Feel free to contact me anytime our digital efforts fail to comply with the classroom experience.


    Mr. Chad Constantine, Assistant Principal

  • Attendance Clerk

    Jennifer McLeod, Clerical, Attendance Clerk

    Attendance Phone Number: 754-323-3800

    Fax Number: 754-323-3885

  • Registrar

    Tiffany Adams, Registrar

    Main Office Number: 754-323-3820

    Fax Number:  754-323-3885

  • Office Manager

    Holly Bray, OMS Office Manager

    Main Office Number: 754-323-3865

    Fax Number: 754-323-3885

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