Principal's Message


    Image of Cassandra Adderley Principal of Attucks Middle School


    I am excited to be the new Principal of the BEST middle school in Broward County. Attucks Middle offers a whole-school Cambridge Magnet Program, which encourages students to be confident, reflective, responsible, and innovative by providing a pathway designed for extremely academically motivated students. I am proud to be leading the charge with an amazing group of students and a highly talented instructional staff.

    I am committed to setting the standard for an inclusive, student-centered learning environment. As part of a new generation of leadership, my philosophy centers around integrating the necessary resources to develop an intellectually, emotionally, and physically sound human being capable of making informed decisions and prospering in a democratic society. As your instructional leader, I strive to promote equity and innovation, which is practical, sensible, and responsive to the environment of the school and the values of the Attucks community.

    Therefore, my purpose of leadership is as follows: (1) to make certain that every student meets requirements for promotion and is prepared to be a productive citizen in society, (2) to promote opportunities for All students to successfully compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally, (3) to provide an environment that protects students' health and safety, (4) to ensure the appropriate curriculum standards and resources are provided, and (5) to expand opportunities for parents and guardians to be active partners in achieving our school improvement and educational accountability goals.

    At Attucks Middle School our mantra is “Excellence for every student, every day!” I invite you to be a part of the AMS Eagle Experience in serving our students well.


    Cassandra Adderley