Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Attucks Middle School 2023-2024!

    “Excellence for Every Student, Every Day!”

    Principal's Message

    Image of Cassandra Adderley Principal of Attucks Middle School

    At Attucks Middle School, the Cambridge Global Communication Academy is a rigorous, accelerated academic and technical program, which focuses on active learning and the development of 21st Century skills across the curriculum. Unlike other discipline-based magnet programs, our students do not specialize in any one subject area; instead, they are challenged to excel across all academic subjects while developing strong communication skills. Our magnet program combines highly effective teaching strategies and the academic rigor of the Cambridge International Examinations Secondary I Program to prepare our students for the AICE Exams when they transition to high school.

    I believe as a Principal, I must set the standard for a rich, student-centered learning environment. As part of a new generation of instructional leadership, my philosophy centers around integrating the necessary resources to develop an intellectually, emotionally, and physically sound human being capable of making informed decisions and prospering in a democratic society. As the instructional leader, I strive to promote equity and innovation, which is practical, sensible, and responsive to the environment of the school and the values of the community in which I serve.

    My goals are as follows: (1) to make certain that every student meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for promotion and is prepared to be productive citizens in society, (2) to make certain that students successfully compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally, (3) to provide an environment that is drug-free and protects students health, safety, and civil rights, (4) to provide the appropriate curriculum resources and professional development necessary to ensure that all students receive an equitable education and (5) to offer opportunities for parents and guardians to be active partners in achieving our school improvement and educational accountability goals.

    Excellence is the norm at Attucks Middle School. Let’s make it the best year!


    Cassandra Adderley, Principal