• Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students! 

    Ms Cerda The Dean of Students Office has a strong commitment to fostering student development, particularly in the acquisition of personal values, which create a respect for individual difference, cultural diversity and equal opportunity.  The Office of the Dean strives to meet the varied needs of all students through discipline, support, advising, and general counseling. 

     Message From the Dean

    It is my pleasure to serve the students and families of Hollywood Hills High School as Dean of Students. I take my role seriously in order to help students make appropriate choices as they become increasingly responsible for their futures. Working closely will the students I hope to make the experience at HHHS a positive and rewarding one.

    I have an open door policy welcoming all students and families to visit as needed.  I can also be reach by phone 754 323-1094 with any concerns.  Know that I am a dedicated member of our community and I appreciate your support as well.

    Lided Cerda, Dean of Students
  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Dean’s Office is to support the Discipline Code at HHHS and ensure that our campus is a safe, orderly community that motivates students to achieve their highest potential in an inclusive school-family environment.  The school’s discipline code promotes mutual respect among faculty and students and protects the rights of all individuals to pursue their education.

    The Dean of Students Office provides students with the support, resources and referrals they need to succeed at the school.

    Our Dean is available to answer questions, assist students in making better choices, enforce our discipline code, and point students and their families in the right direction to get the information or services they need.  The goal of the Dean is to respond to individual student needs. 

    Specific services include:

    • Offering a single point of contact within the school for staff, students and their families regarding student conduct and discipline issues.
    • Offering support for students and their families in times of crisis.
    • Counseling and referrals for students.
    • Implementing and monitoring the school’s Discipline Matrix and System.
    • Refer to the Code of Student Conduct Handbook