• Parent Payment Schedule 2020 - 2021


    Payments are made weekly.


    REMEMBER: ALL payments must be made prior to the start of the payment period.
    If payment is not made by the LAST DAY to pay, the child is withdrawn from the program and a re-registration fee must be paid to re-enter program. All late pick up fees MUST be paid BEFORE the next payment attendance period. If not paid, the fees will become an obligation attached to student’s financial records.

    Important Registration and Payment Information:

    • Payments can be made online only. 
    • There is a registration fee of $30.00 per child.
    • The cost for each week may vary (please call 754-323-5280 for more information).
    • Students must be registered and fees paid before attending the program.
    • Payments are scheduled weekly.
    • Never send an aftercare payment with your child.
    • Broward School Policy states that a new registration document and a $30 re-registration fee is due each time a payment is received after the due date.
    • Registration must be entered online.

    Late Pick-Up Information:

    • 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. school days only
    • There is a $15 fee for each 15 minutes after 6:00 p.m.
    • Continual Late Pick-up will result in dismissal from program.


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