• The Fifth Grade Team

    Welcome to fifth grade you are officially a big kid on on campus. You are now the oldest students in the school and as you know, with being the oldest comes more responsibility. As Fifth graders you have the obligation to 5th Grade Safety Patrols set a good example for the rest of the school. You are the most experienced with the Life Skills and are expected to use them in every situation at school as well as in the community. 

    Fifth grade opens many opportunities for you. There are jobs such as Student Council President or Vice- President, Safety Patrols, and Teachers of Tomorrow. This is just the beginning.

    If you like traveling, then fifth grade will carry you away to fascinating places. On the Washington D.C. field trip, you will travel by plane to our nation’s capitol and see many breath taking monuments, museums, past presidents homes, and even see how money is made. This five day trip includes a tour of the White House which is something you’ll never forget.

    If the sunny warm climate of Florida is more your style then don’t miss our 3 day trip to Key Largo’s Marine Lab. Here you will submerge yourself in waters brimming with colorful fish as you explore the beautiful coral reefs off of Florida’s coast. You will learn about the fragile ecosystem and mangrove ecology and get close enough to touch some amazing creatures.

    The Country Isles Jamboree is an evening of endless fun and learning. Our campus is transformed into a moment in time, the 1800’s and the Westward Movement. Here you will experience what it was like to live and play during this important historical time.

    Beside the amazing field trips, fifth grade has some other perks too. Did you know that fifth grade is the only grade to have their pictures published in color in the yearbook? That’s right, every other grade is published in black and white.

    Fifth grade is not all fun and games. There is much work to be done before you are ready for middle school. Among your studies you will learn about the amazing history of the United States. You will read many exciting novels. You will learn to solve more complex problems in mathematics and everyday life. Above all you will strive to achieve!

    When all work is done fifth graders, you are in for some real fun. Your last week in fifth grade will prove to be one of the most memorable times in elementary school. Your teachers have many different activities and games planned for the entire week, including a grand theme party to end the year

    Intelligent, exciting, motivating, and organized, you will absolutely love the fifth grade teachers! They are committed to making your fifth grade year the best at Country Isles. Don’t leave this page until you have found out more about these wonderful teachers by clicking on the links to the left. The links below will tell you more about some of the field trips and programs offered in fifth grade.

    Your fifth grade year will undoubtedly be your favorite and will also be the year that seems to just fly by. Seize and capture every moment!