Principal's Message


    Ms. Morgan

    Mrs. Morgan is the proud principal of Country Isles and has been our leader since 2012. Mrs. Morgan believes in all stakeholders working together to provide the best education for our students. Her door is always open for suggestions and feedback.

    In addition to being the proud principal at our school, Mrs. Morgan plays another important role, that of parent. Mrs. Morgan has had all three of her children graduate from CIE. Because Mrs. Morgan sees Country Isles through the eyes of a principal and the heart of a mom, she feels every decision she makes is especially important.

    Mrs. Morgan was born right here in Fort Lauderdale and graduated from the University of Alabama. When she is not busy running the school, she enjoys reading, exercising, and spending time with her family.
    Mrs. Morgan enjoyed being a teacher for 12 years in our community before becoming an administrator. She got involved in education because she enjoys helping children reach their potential. Mrs. Morgan strongly believes that we are all life-long learners and strives to keep that notion alive here at CIE.

    Mrs. Morgan loves Country Isles! She enjoys interacting with the students, parents, staff, and community, and works hard every day to make sure Country Isles continues to be the exceptional school that it has always been.