• Second Grade Teacher in front of bulletin board that reads, We're a Bright Bunch!

    The Second Grade Students at CIE have many wonderful adventures planned. Through all of these incredible activities the students will learn the 3 R’s of CIE which are to be Rigorous, Relevant and Respectful. While learning and fine tuning our skills, we’ll participate in many hands on projects in and out of the classroom that will make learning exciting!

    We will be attending field trips that are full of fun and exploration! Please note that we will be sending home duplicate field trip forms as one form must go with the class while off campus. The forms must include insurance information.

    It is our goal as second graders to become responsible students. In addition to any written assignments students will be required to read for 20 minutes Second Graders on Playground each night. As second graders we are responsible for completing our homework thoroughly and accurately. Please reinforce the importance of doing their personal best and turning assignments in on time.

    Parents can look forward to learning more about their child’s second grade experience by attending the End-of-The-Year Student Led Conference in May.

    Support your child by encouraging him/her to complete homework daily in a quiet and relaxing environment. Be sure to check their HOT Folders (Homework on Time) for homework and Agenda Books daily for important notes and messages. Please be sure to sign each night!

    You will be amazed how much your child will grow academically, socially, and emotionally this year. Remember the importance of home/school connection and the role it plays in fostering your child's success.

    There is so much to do in grade TWO…We look forward to working with YOU!