• First Grade Teachers standing in the courtyard

    First graders are on a year-long reading adventure! We are manipulating the alphabet to turn letters into words and words into meaningful sentences-in both reading and writing activities. We will also be working on adding and subtracting numbers and learning other important Math skills. We will use a variety of manipulatives to help us practice our Math facts. In Science we will have a blast doing hands-on activities and reading about a variety of Science topics. Our favorite Science topic is the Butterfly Life cycle because we get to conclude the lesson with a visit to Butterfly World! We LOVE seeing the life cycle from beginning to end and if we are lucky a butterfly might even land on us!

    Next, we turn our attention to the 100th day of school during which we all partake in exciting mathematical activities. It is unbelievable how far we have come by the 100th day of school! Finally, we move into the end of the year when we celebrate the most important people in our lives, our parents! Our parent show is a favorite with all who attend. At the end of the year we are reading so well and are well prepared for our next adventure!