All first aid, if feasible, is administered in the office. Parents are contacted if an illness or an accident has any appearance of a serious nature. A minimum of two people on our staff are certified in first aid.

    Under School Board policy, students may not have medication at school unless an Authorization for Medication Form has been completed and is on file in the school office. The authorization for Medication Form is available in the school office should your child need to be administered any medication during the school day.

    WE NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO REACH YOU. It is of the utmost importance that the school office has a current telephone number and an emergency number in case of illness or accident while your child is at school.

    The clinic will have a copy of your Emergency Dismissal Form. Please be sure to notify the school office if there are any changes in this information during the school year.

    A STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE POLICY is offered. You have a choice of two plans - Schooltime Accident Protection or Around the Clock Protection. A Student

    In-Hospital Sickness Policy is also available. Proper forms will be sent home. The forms must be sent directly to the insurance company. All claims will be handled by the insurance company, not the school.