• The PHS Gifted Academy Shadow Program is an opportunity for prospective Academy students to spend an entire school day as a PHS Gifted Academy student.  This is a great opportunity to explore our program and gain exposure to our academic and elective courses. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills and level of education required for this specific innovative program. Students will shadow a current Gifted Academy student through a typical day enabling them to gain insight into gifted self-contained courses as well as school-wide elective courses.

    If you are a parent interested in having your son/daughter participate in the Gifted Academy Shadow Program, please complete the parent permission form on this page, and submit as directed.

    The hours of the shadow program are 8:15 AM drop off in the Welcome Center until 2:15 PM pick up in the Welcome Center.

    For more information, please contact Donna DeMarco, Gifted Coordinator at (754) 322-1913.

    Prospective Student Shadow Program Form PDF