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Dual Enrollment

  • Broward County Public Schools have partnered with Broward College, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to provide eligible students opportunities for college courses while in high school. 


  • Broward College

    For students interested in participating in Broward College Dual Enrollment for Spring 2024, the Recommendation Form is now open through October 5, 2023, for the priority deadline.  If you submit your form by October 5th, you can start registering for classes on October 25th.  

    This process MUST be completed EVERY semester (including uploading qualifying test scores and hand-signed Parent Acknowledgment Form - forms will be returned to the student if these steps are not completed).

    It is imperative that you read ALL the information posted on both our website and Broward College's website (see link below).

    There is also an informational video that will walk you through every step of the process.

    If you have any questions once you have thoroughly reviewed all the information, please contact your assigned School Counselor.

    It is in your best interest to submit your Recommendation Form as soon as possible in case any corrections need to be made. 



    Applying to Broward College

    A Guide for New Dual Enrollment Students



    Step 1: Access the Broward College website at www.broward.edu and click on Apply.

    Step 2: Click Create My Account and Apply


    Step 3: As a new user/student, you will need to click on Sign Up to create your account. 

    Step 4: Fill in the information requested below and click Submit

    Step 5: You will receive an email to the email you listed above that requires you to create your password for the application. 

    Step 6: After you have set up your password, you can click on Login. You will be brought back to the screen in step 3. You can now enter your email address and password you created and Sign in


    Step 7: Click on Start a New Application

    Step 8: Start completing your New Application

    • You will need to answer the question, “Do you want to earn a College Credit Technical Certificate, Associate’s Degree, or Bachelor’s Degree?” You need to answer NO as dual enrollment students are non-degree seeking since you are still in high school. 
    • After you answer NO, you will go scroll down to the next two questions:
      • “What type of student are you?” Choose Dual Enrollment from the drop-down menu.  
      • “Term” Choose from the drop-down menu which term you are applying for. 
    • Click Start Application 


    Step 9: You will then come to the below screen. Read it carefully. Here are some Notes

    • You will not need your Social Security number on this application. 
    • You will not need any immigration documents as listed below as dual enrollment students are not required to prove immigration status or FL residency. 
    • You can save your progress and log back into the application if you cannot complete it all at one time. 
    • You can click on the Navigation Menu on the left to see where you are in each section and which sections are complete. 

    Step 10: Scroll down to start completing the next sections of the application. You will complete the following listed sections: 

    • Personal Information
    • Contact Information
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • High School Information
    • Enrollment History o If you select that you did complete dual enrollment credits at another institution, you will also need to fill out the section called “College Information”.
    • Additional Information

    After you have completed all sections, you will click the Save and Review blue button on your application. 


    Step 11: Scroll down and re-review your application on the left-hand side of the webpage. Once you are sure all information is correct, you can click Submit Your Application


    Step 12: Click the check box that you certify all is true and correct, sign electronically, and click Verify and Submit

    Once you receive the below message, this is confirmation your application has been submitted. 

    ***Please note, you will need to check your email the following day to obtain your official welcome letter, next steps, and BC User ID, BC Email, and BC ID number.





    You will see the below once your application is 100 % complete. Please note, the checklist below shows you will need to provide your official high school transcripts, but you do not as a dual enrollment student. Do not send your official high school transcripts to BC while you are a dual enrollment student.  


    Once you have your BC email and user ID information, you can proceed with the next steps in the dual enrollment process. Go to www.broward.edu/dual and click on New Students. Follow the steps for enrollment which include testing, if required, and completing your Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form for each term by the deadline dates

    Spring 2024 Priority Deadline

    • Priority Student Deadline: October 5, 2023
    • Counselor Deadline: October 10, 2023
    • Priority Registration Begins: October 25, 2023

    Spring 2024 Extended Deadline

    • Extended Student Deadline: December 1, 2023

  • University of Florida

    Important Information Regarding Coronavirus

    BCPS students will continue to access their UF dual enrollment classes online.  There are no changes to any procedures at this time.

    Visit the University of Florida's health updates page for more information: http://www.ufl.edu/health-updates/

    Dual Enrollment Program Information


    There is no cost to qualifying students for required books or tuition.

    Eligibility Requirements

      • Student must be a registered junior or senior in Broward County Public Schools
      • 3.6 unweighted high school grade point average (GPA)
      • Qualifying scores from one of the three following tests:
        • SAT- 1100 composite score
        • ACT- 22 composite score
        • PSAT- 1130 composite score

    Registration Deadline

    Monday, May 8th.  Check with your school counselor for more information. 


    Courses Available

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information regarding Dual Enrollment with the University of Florida, visit: 

    University of Florida Gator Logo  University of Florida

    UF Dual Enrollment Flyer

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    The dual enrollment program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is an aviation program that is part of the Broward County Public Schools Career Technical Accelerated Programs.  Students enrolled in the program take classes on their high school campus from instructors credentialed by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Schools may offer courses such as drone technology, airport business, and ground operations.  

    In partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Broward County Public Schools offers the aviation program at the following schools:

      • Blanche Ely HS
      • Boyd H. Anderson HS
      • Charles W Flanagan HS
      • Coral Glades HS
      • Cypress Bay
      • Henry D. Perry Educ Ctr
      • Miramar HS
      • Northeast HS
      • Plantation HS