Please note that ONLY the registering parent may withdraw a student from school for the current year. If you are the registering parent and are seeking to withdraw a student from Plantation High School during the year, please email PLHRegistrar@browardschools.com. In the subject of the email, write the student’s name and the word, “Withdrawal”. In the body of the email, let us know the following:

    • The full name of the student
    • Student’s date of birth
    • Student’s school ID number
    • Your name
    • WHEN will the student be withdrawn?
    • WHERE will the student be going to school next? (school, city, state)
    • Do you need to return textbooks or a laptop? (if the answer is yes, an appointment will be arranged.)

    Then, attach a picture of your photo ID as confirmation of your identity.

    Please keep in mind that any textbooks and laptops checked out by the student will need to be returned before the withdrawal is completed. Any other fines or obligations need to be paid online using the eStore:

    Once all obligations are resolved, you will be sent a digital copy of your withdrawal form.