• Please click on the following link to complete the parent consent form along with the application

    When the you log on, you will be asked to give :

    ·        Name of Provider – YMCA of South Florida (it is the very last option).  
           Note that – they must click the arrow at the bottom of the page to 
    move to the next stage throughout
    ·        Program – Leap High
    ·        Then it is the names of parent and child and then their consent. 
           They must make a selection to give or not give consent.
    ·        They will then provide id number and school name
    ·        Sign with the cursor or their finger (if using a cell phone).
    ·        They must click the arrow to submit and get the following message:

    "We thank you for your time spent taking this survey.
    Your response has been recorded."

    The consent is only confirmed when you get this message.