Registration and Health Services Overview

  • New Student Registration
    School registration for new students is in person at our school. Registration is important and we want to make sure you have all the resources to make registration go as smoothly as possible. When you are ready to register your child, be sure to review the Student Registration Checklist and Requirements before you arrive. The checklist will provide information on the following:

    1. Proof of Residence
    2. School Records
    3. Medical Exams and Records
    4. Immunization
    5. Evidence of Age

    Health Forms
    The following can be found on the Health Forms website:

    1. Student Emergency Contact Card (contains consent for school health services and state-mandated screenings)
    2. School Health Entry Exam (Yellow Form)
    3. Authorization for Medication/Treatment
    4. Diabetes Medication Treatment Authorization
    5. Florida Department of Health (FDOH) Dental Sealant Program
    6. Heiken Vision program

    For additional information on health services and immunization, visit Coordinated Student Health Services.

    Visiting Our School
    While we welcome you to our school, we also want to ensure the safety and security of our students. Please be prepared to present a valid photo identification upon entrance.

  • Online Registration

    Plantation High School also welcomes you to register online by emailing your documents to

    Please be aware that submitting documents via email may result in registration delays as we review and request further documents from you in order to complete the process.

    Required for online registration:

    1. Photo ID of the registered parent
    2. Proof of address
    3. The 5 basic registration forms listed below under Basic Registration Forms, completed 

    Other documents may be requested by the registrar, depending on your situation.

  • Basic Registration Forms

    Basic Registration Forms    (Additional forms or documents may be required depending on individual situations)

    1. Registration Checklist - This form is here for your reference, but the registrar will fill out most of it. You only need to complete the areas in blue at the top, then read the second page to see which forms of proof of address you need to provide.
    2. Registration Form: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole | Portuguese
      - To be completed and digitally signed by the parent, who will be providing the proof of address. Fill completely.  
    3. Emergency Contact Form: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole Portuguese  
      - Fill completely.
    4. Code of Conduct Acknowledgment - Please read the Code of Conduct, then print the Code of Conduct Acknowledgment form and return it: English | Spanish.
    5. FERPA - Read and digitally sign at the bottom.
    6. Parent Guardian Consent for School Health Services (English) 

           Parent-Guardian Consent for School Health Services (Haitian Creole)

           Parent-Guardian Consent for School Health Services (Spanish)

    Course Selection Cards

  • How to Provide Proof of Address

    Primary proof of address as defined by Broward County Public Schools, is the registered parent’s name. Usually, this means:

    • Property tax bill
    • Homestead exemption
    • Deed
    • Recent mortgage statement
    • Home purchase contract
    • Or current notarized lease agreement.

    You will also need to provide one of the other proofs of address accepted by Broward Schools (see page 2 of the Registration Checklist for full list).


    Details on how to provide proof of address and other alternatives can be found at:

  • Additional Forms

  • Additional Documents You May Need To Bring

    • Birth Certificate or Passport - If a student has never registered in a Broward County Public School or Broward Charter before, you must provide proof of age. This usually means a birth certificate or passport.
    • Transcripts - If the last school attended was not a Broward County Public School or Broward Charter School, we would need records from the last school. Transcripts or report cards will allow us to see in what classes the student should be placed. We can request records, but it may take time before we receive them from the other school. If you don't have a record at the time of registration, the student may be placed in temporary classes that will change when records come in.
    • Physical Exam Form - For students coming from outside of Florida, we need a record of a physical exam from within the past 12 months. If you do not have one with you, one will be required within 30 days of registration.
    • Immunization Record - If you do not have an up-to-date immunization record in the Broward Schools system, one will be required within 30 days of registration.

  • In-Person Registration

    In-person registration is available from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. Outside of those hours, you may have to wait for someone to be made available to assist with your registration. Please bring your ID, Proof of address, and any of the additional documents listed above that apply to your situation.