If you have been identified as teaching out-of-field in Reading, you are mandated to take a minimum of 120 points in district in-service or six semester hours of college coursework in Reading prior to the end of April in the school year in which you were placed out-of-field. You must continue to complete out-of-field training each school year or until you have obtained certification in Reading.  Note that failure to comply will impact your future placement/assignments up to including non-renewal of your contract.

    Your out-of-field record will remain open until you have added Reading to your certificate. Parent notification will be required to be sent home to the parents of the affected students.  Once you obtain the certificate reflecting Reading, be sure to notify so your out-of-field record can be closed.  Note: no money is saved by waiting to add a certification area to your certificate when you submit your application for renewal and/or your initial professional certificate.  You are urged to apply immediately for the addition once you have met and can document the subject area requirements


    OPTION 1:

    Pass the Reading subject area exam* and submit an online application and fee to add the Reading Endorsement.

    *NOTE: The Reading subject area exam is not the same as the LangArts/Reading subtest of the Elementary Education subject area exam.  The LangArts/Reading subtest CANNOT be used to add the Reading Endorsement.

    Submit an application and fee to the Florida Department of Education for the addition.  Make certain that you select "Reading Endorsement" (not Reading K-12 as Reading K-12 requires 30 semesters hours or a master's in Reading).

    OPTION 2:

    Complete courses to add the Reading Endorsement.

    There are five courses needed to obtain the Reading Endorsement. 

    • Foundations of Literacy
    • Application of Research-Based Literacy Practices
    • Foundations of Literacy Assessment
    • Differentiated Reading Instruction
    • Demonstration of Accomplished Practices

    Options for completing Reading Endorsement courses available from the Professional Standards and Support web site.

    Once you have completed all courses required to add the Reading Endorsement (if completed via district in-service courses) you will need to submit an application to the Florida Department of Education and fee (paid through the district) for the addition.  For complete steps on submitting the addition application and fee go to Talent Acquisition and Operations, Instructional (click on "Florida Certificate Additions").

    If you feel you completed some of the required courses as college coursework, please follow the process outlined below:

    • apply to the FLDOE online for an evaluation toward the Reading Endorsement, the FLDOE will respond by sending you a Statement of Status of Eligibility
    • submit a copy of the Statement with a copy of your transcripts to: attached to an email stating the reason for the submission
    • any courses the FLDOE accepted toward the Endorsement will be added to your district in-service record

    If you elect to complete Reading training requirements as district in-service, it is imperative that you register as soon as possible for the course(s) as courses fill up quickly.  Register for courses through Learning Across Broward (LAB).   NOTE: If the course you attempt to register for is full, please email to request to be placed on a waiting list.

    NOTE: The Infield Status Rubric is not an option for satisfying out-of-field requirements in the subject of Reading.