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    Awesome Olsen Middle is proud to announce that we are a full magnet school. That means that every student enrolled at Awesome Olsen will be part of a career academy of their choosing. The career academies are titled as follows: Academy of Business, Academy of Education, Academy of Hospitality & Tourism, Academy of Media & Music Conservatory, and the Academy of Robotics and Marine Science. This full school magnet program is possible through the iCAN grant which Awesome Olsen Middle School is a beneficiary. Furthermore, we have partnered with South Broward High school to align our curriculums that would help develop students’ career and college readiness from 6th grade to graduation.

    Linking Education and Employment Outcomes

    Linking Education and Employment Outcomes(LEEO), is our innovative program that brings 21st-century, high-quality learning, and work-based experiences to students. The LEEO program scaffolds computer instruction and project-based learning to ensure students will become proficient in a specified technological area and acquire the skills necessary to compete in a global society. Upon successful completion of this 3-year program which includes certification in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, students earn the Microsoft Industry Certification of Microsoft Office Specialist. Our students will receive a scope of educational practical experiences beyond regular middle school standards to be forerunners in career and college readiness.

    Virtual Enterprise International Junior Ventures

    Virtual Enterprise International Junior Ventures(VEI-JV), is our new innovative program that “transforms students into business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom”.A two-year program that will enable 7th and 8th graders to develop technology and entrepreneurial skills by starting and managing business ventures. The VEI-JV Career Academy offers a real-world context for learning about business and careers. The classroom is converted into a workplace setting that allows business thinking to flourish. Students also apply and reinforce academic concepts across many subjects.

    The VEI approach emphasizes learning in four key areas:

    • Ownership: Students take responsibility for their own learning
    • Experiential: Students’ learning is authentic and realistic
    • Cooperative: Students learn with and from others and understand the dynamics of working as part of a team.
    • Reflective: Students experience the consequences of their decisions and apply that learning to future challenge

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    We are working with several partners including:

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    Magnet coordinator

    Michael Fredel - Magnet Coordinator