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    Broward County Public Schools partners with Broward County Libraries for the Beanstack Reading Motivation Program. 

    Beanstack is an APP and online tool where your family can: 

    • log daily reading
    • participate in reading challenges
    • time daily reading sessions
    • earn digital badges
    • scan books by the ISPN Number
    • achieve streaks for reading multiple days in a row
    • participate in Broward County Libraries Winter and Summer reading programs
    • earn prizes at your local library

    How do you participate?  

    1. Register Online: or Download the Beanstack Tracker App (Apple or Android)
    2. Create a user name and password
    3. Read and track progress to earn digital badges and chances to win prizes!

    If your child's new Kindergarten school participates in the Beanstack program, you will have an opportunity to link the account to your new school when school starts.  In this way, the books and badges will grow with your child as they keep reading in school and beyond.  

  • Take the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge!

    BCL 1000 Books

    How many books have you read to your child?  (Yes, repeats count and are encouraged!) While 1,000 books sounds like a lot, all of the books you have read to your child have added up! 

    If you read one book to your child each day, that’s:

    • 365 books a year
    • 730 books in two years
    • Over 1,000 books in three years
    • Close to 2,000 books in five years

    Imagine if you read 2-3 books per day!  Yes, the stories, letters, and words add up along with the number of books.

    When you create an account for you and your family in Beanstack, you will see an opportunity to sign up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge. Your child will then be able to earn digital badges in the system for books read, which can then add up to prizes at your local library. Even though your child will be starting Kindergarten in August, you can still participate in the challenge and continue it throughout the new school year.

    1000 Books Before Kindergarten 1000 Books Before Kindergarten