Financial Aid

  • There are several  ways to find money to pay for post-secondary school: Federal Government, State Government,
    Private Scholarship and Colleges.

Government Aid

  • The Federal Government and the State Government are willing to help you pay for post-secondary school.

    The FEDERAL Government through the FAFSA will offer you: Free Money, Work-Study, and Loans depending on your parents’ income, how many people live in the house, and other circumstances.

    The STATE of Florida will also offer you money. They mostly base their scholarships on academic performance (Bright Futures handbook). However, there are other amounts of money based on race and other circumstances. Apply even if you don't have the BRIGHT FUTURES REQUIREMENTS.

Private Scholarships

  • There are literally millions of dollars that are available to students to tap into. Go to Family Connection under Colleges to find the list of LOCAL scholarships and NATIONAL scholarships.
    Documentation needed for most scholarships:

    • Transcripts
    • Test Scores
    • 2 or 3 letters of Recommendation - Bragsheet
    • SAR - Student Aid Report from FAFSA
    • Essay
    • Application

College/University Scholarships

  • Most of the institutional scholarships are based on academics. FIU, FAU, UCF, UNF, FGCU, and many other public and private schools will give you money based on your academics. FSU has the First Generation Program called CARE. You need to check in every school you are applying what are their scholarship requirements. Some you need to apply, some you get it automatically.

    Some of the out-of-state schools will help you pay for college based on your income.