• Mrs. L. Diaz
    Mrs. L. Diaz

    Mrs. Diaz is NO ordinary second grade teacher at Country Isles Elementary. She doesn’t like children, she loves them and loves teaching at Country Isles! 

    Mrs. Diaz really enjoys the computer lab because she says that it opens an opportunity for the children and they really should involve technology in their schedule.

    Her favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Dr. Seuss. She was born in New Jersey and lived there until she moved to Connecticut with her family. Now, she lives here in south Florida. In her spare time Mrs. Diaz likes to read, spend time with her husband and children, and go to the beach. 

    Many good role models inspired Mrs. Diaz to become a teacher and she loves working with kids. Mrs. Diaz enjoys teaching writing the most because she enjoys hearing the children’s stories. Mrs. Diaz says that the most important part of her job is being a good role model, knowing the children, and meeting their needs.

    Just think Mrs. Diaz didn’t even want to be a teacher when she was younger! She was going to be a pediatric doctor, and then decided against it. We are glad she did!