• Student Council

    Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Gomez 

    Student Council Information

    Our Country Isles Student Council mission is to promote self-esteem, pride, and leadership qualities within our representatives and to promote school spirit within our school and community. 

    Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to present a speech to their classmates on October 9th and 10th. Each class will then vote for two representatives. Beginning October 16, those students will have the task of running a campaign. Fifth graders are running for either President or Vice-President and fourth graders are running for either Secretary or Treasurer. Your campaigning may begin on Monday, October 16 and the following week, October 23-27 will be our school wide (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade) election. 

    Here are the guidelines for running your campaign:
    If you have ANY questions, please direct them to Mrs. Gomez. All posters MUST be approved by Mrs. Gomez prior to displaying them. Posters must be taken down by October 27th. 
    You may create and hang up to six (6) posters throughout the school once they have been approved by Mrs. Gomez. Please do not hang them on any windows, doors, or inside of buildings. You must supply your own tape and materials.

    You have already written a campaign speech and included why you are running for the position, why you feel you are qualified for the position, and why you want to represent Country Isles Elementary School. Your speech should be no more than 3 minutes and must be approved by Mrs. Gomez by Wednesday, Oct. 18th. (You may not make promises to the students that are not justified, i.e.: promising to make recess longer, more parties, better lunch, etc.)

    You will present your speech live on the CIE Morning Show the week of October 23. Students running for Secretary will present on Monday, October 23.
    Students running for Treasurer will present on Tuesday, October 24.
    Students running for Vice President will present on Wednesday, October 25. 
    Students running for President will present on Thursday, October 26.
    Results will be announced Thursday, October 26 on afternoon announcements. 


    Please do not distribute candy, flyers, stickers, food, item etc. as part of your campaign. ONLY THE POSTERS! 

    If you need to see Mrs. Gomez for approval of posters and speeches, she is available in her classroom (Room 850, 2nd grade building) in the morning from 7:35-7:55 and in the afternoon from 2:00-2:15.

    Enjoy this wonderful experience! Being a member of your school Student Council is a fun and rewarding experience. You will enjoy helping others and becoming active in our community. We have lots of fun things in store for you this year!

    Once again, welcome to Student Council and have a wonderful time campaigning! 

    Have a thought you’d like to share with student council?
    Send us an email and it will be shared with the members during the next scheduled meeting.