Transcript Request

  • For graduates prior to 2014, please contact Broward County’s Record Retention Department at 754-321-3150. More information is available at this link.

    Official transcripts are available here at Stranahan for students whose last year in attendance was 2015 through 2016.

    These transcripts can be attained from the Registrar, Ms. Blake. Please send a request via email to:

    The request must be made by an authorized person with a valid ID (Driver’s license, passport, student ID). Authorized person are:

    The student
    The parent of the student (if the student is a minor)
    The letter must include name, date of birth, and social Security Number of the student. year of graduation , and a telephone number to contact.
    If there is no authorized person available to request the paper copy of the transcript, a request may be made through the mail (1800 SW 5 Pl, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33312-7610).

    Please include the following:

    Full name of the student
    Date of Birth
    Social Security number
    Student number at the time
    Last year in attendance
    Name and address of the school that will receive the transcript
    Photocopy of a valid photo ID for the student
    Telephone number if any questions arise

    Please call in advance.  Otherwise, it is at least a 2 day turn-around process

    Current students and students who graduated between 2017 and 2019 may log on to their Naviance account to request transcripts to be sent directly to colleges. Please click here to view instructions for using Naviance.


    Free electronic transcripts are available to certain Florida schools that share a transcript system with Broward County Public Schools. 
    All paper copies of transcripts are $2.00. Please bring exact change. No checks are accepted and no electronic payment options are available.
    If you have any questions, please call the Registrar, Ms. Blake at 754-323-2119

    Hours 8:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

    Do not apply on the Stranahan web site.