Honor Code and Policies

  • The faculty, administrators, and student representatives encourage all students to achieve at the highest level of their abilities with academic honesty and personal integrity. The Honor Code serves as a guide to uphold academic honesty.  In the words of Aristotle, “The high minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.

    The Honor Code was created to establish a common understanding as to what constitutes cheating. The penalties are intended to promote growth in character and not simply as punishment.

    Honor Code

     Follow all rules of The School Board of Broward County per The Student Code of Conduct.

    Certify that each piece of work submitted will be my own work and done by my own hand.
    Students will take at least seven AICE classes and the corresponding AICE exams during their program.
      Understand that the AICE exam schedule includes exams administered during the months of May and June.  I agree to take those exams at Everglades High School when scheduled. The University of Cambridge, not Everglades High School, determines the examination dates for each subject each year. 
        I understand that Advanced International Certification of Education level classes require embedded examinations and that I must take these examinations to receive the additional quality point in my weighted grade point average
    I understand that Cambridge courses are more rigorous that other courses and that I will need to be diligent in my studies.  I agree to spend the time necessary to be prepared for exams and to be prompt in turning in assignments.

    Penalties for Honor Code Violations will be based upon the severity of the violation and may include but are not limited to the following:

                Parent conference

    Written reprimand 

    Review by the Advisory Committee (comprised of supervising administrator, coordinator, counselor and teacher)

                Recommendation for dismissal from the Cambridge Academy

    Grade/Attendance Policy

     Students must maintain a cumulative 2.75 unweighted grade point average in Pre-AICE courses in grade 9 to enter AICE courses in grades 10-12.

    Academic Probation:  Students’ unweighted GPA is lower than a 2.75 during a nine weeks grading period. Student and parents will be informed that the student has not demonstrated the necessary academic behaviors for success in the academy.
    Academic Warning:  During the grading period immediately following the above probation, the student must demonstrate sufficient progress, or in the next grading period after, he/she will be exited from the Cambridge Academy.
    Conferences will be held with the student, parent, coordinator, and counselor, during this process, to provide recommendations for alternative plans for the student (i.e. required tutoring, counseling and a different academy placement).
    Students must maintain an acceptable attendance and discipline record.