• The Innovative Sports Medicine Program

    at Everglades High School


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    Everglades High School provides an innovative program for highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing careers in the area of sports medicine.  This program provides a rigorous curriculum focusing on experiential learning in the areas of science, health and wellness.  Special attention is given to the care and prevention of athletic injuries, prevention of illness and overall wellness.  Interested students must have completed Algebra I by the end of eighth grade, must have a minimum middle school grade point average of 3.0 and must have at least a level 3 on the reading portion of the FSA (Florida Standards Assessment).

    One of the strengths of this program is the partnership with Memorial Hospital Miramar’s U18 Center.  Our students have the opportunity to observe, shadow and work with staff at the clinic and at our school.  They will also engage in Dual Enrollment level coursework in order to ensure the highest level of rigor in this area.  In addition to the highly rigorous academic progression the students will experience in this program, they will also complete a series of courses that lead to career and technical certification. An additional feature of this program is Industry Certification in the areas of EKG Technician and Personal Trainer.   The combination of the demanding curriculum and the career component will qualify students who complete this program for both the Scholar and Merit designations on their diplomas.  They will also be prepared to enter the most competitive post-secondary institutions.  

    Everglades High School Sports Medicine participants will enter as ninth graders and will progress through the program as a cohort group.  They will meet milestones in the program together and will work cohesively to complete the rigorous standards set forth by the program’s steering committee.  Our partners in education for this program include Memorial Hospital Miramar’s U18 Sports Medicine Facility, and Nova Southeastern University’s Department of Athletic Training.  Our goal ultimate goal is to provide a rigorous and rewarding program for students with the desire to excel in the field of sports medicine or other areas related to the field of health and wellness.

    Interested 9th grade students may click here to apply.