• Project RED at Everglades High School


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    Project RED is our Innovative Engineering program.  RED stands for Rigorous Engineering and Design.  The course is for high achieving students with an interest in the field of engineering.  The program is available by application only.  Students wishing to apply must complete Algebra 1 prior to ninth grade and must have a minimum middle school grade point average of 3.0.  Students must also earn a level 3 or higher on the reading portion of the FSA (Florida Standards Assessment).  The course begins at the survey level, where students learn about the various pathways available in the field of engineering.  At this level students begin to explore engineering technology and can become industry certified in AutoCAD.  This is a gold standard program that is used at several top engineering firms.  

    As the students progress through the four grade levels of this program they work with various engineering software programs as well as equipment such as laser engravers, 3D printers, CNC Mills and Dye Sublimation printers. They will also gain experience in the field of robotics where they will explore opportunities in this field and participate in hands on projects.   Students use the various equipment and programs as they develop skills and knowledge in that lead to further industry certification.  Other certifications include: Solid Works, Master Cam and Illustrator.  Students also have the option to serve on our Tech Crew providing service to our entire school.  Field trips are available to Project RED participants such as: Propulsion Tech Inc and The Construction Career Fair.


    Interested 9th grade students may click here to apply.