• FBI Youth Academy

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    The Youth Academy provides students with an inside look at the FBI, building mutually beneficial relationships along the way.

    The overarching goal of the Youth Academy is to be a catalyst for improving the quality of life within individual communities through law enforcement-related and awareness programs.

    One main goal of the course is to project a positive image of the FBI in South Florida, and to build new partnerships, and initiatives within these venues. This course has answered many questions of those who want to seek possible placement with the Bureau after completion of college, and acquiring two years of work experience before applying for a position at the FBI.

    Presently one former student from Everglades High School is a special agent in the Miami Division, and another former student is in the final stages of being hired by the Bureau.

    The course improves student understanding of the Bureau by establishing and enhancing the flow of information.  Students learn to identify crime problems affecting specific communities not currently being addressed, and then analyze, synthesize and develop proactive initiatives that respond to those problems.

    Special agents from the Miami Division field office, senior managers, and senior agent experts will be invited to speak to students about their areas of expertise.  This past year agents spoke to the class that pertained to but limited to the following:

    • The led negotiator of the Captain Phillips case (Pirates holding US Citizens hostage), hostage negotiation and coordination response with the navy.
    • Special Response Team : Protocol and Procedures when the bureau is called in for domestic terrorism, international terrorism, bank robberies, kidnappings, executing a search warrant in dangerous situations, and many other potential situations.
    • Legal Counsel to review the constitutional procedures for acquiring search warrants through the Department of Justice. Constitutional rights (1st, 4th and 5th) due process, Miranda Rights and probable cause.
    • Coordination between the FBI and other Federal Agencies and the total coordination for securing the domestic freedoms of American citizens.
    • Special Gang Task Force: Special Agents that travel to invited nations to assist local authorities in the coordination of gang activity.
    • Human Trafficking from the domestic to the international aspects. Coordination with other federal agencies to assist with available resources.
    • Special Agent Human Resources Agent explaining the procedure for employment with the bureau.
    • Tour of the Miami Division FBI Building with a guided tour of the facility.
    • Task Force Coordination between local, state and other federal agencies.


    Additional Resources will incorporated into the program this year.

    An additional partnership was established with the Miramar Police Department that added the additional component of local law enforcement to the class.  Police officers from the following department did presentations to the class:

    • Dive Team equipment and slide presentation of assisting the Crime Investigating Unit
    • Traffic and Homicide Investigation Unit; presentation with a question and answer series.
    • Crimes Investigating Unit: Class had to solve a crime, and learn to process a crime scene.
    • Detective Units, the “how-to’s” of getting evidence and information to solve a crime.
    • K-9 units with videos of officer and K-9 training to process and assist in the investigating a potential crime.
    • Sex Crimes, and Human Trafficking
    • Gang Task Force
    • Drug Task Force

    Expanded Focus for the 2016-2017 school year

    DEA Drug Enforcement Agency will be joining the FBI Youth Academy Component this year. Incorporating special agents from the DEA that overlap and assist other federal agency such as the FBI to teach and present informative lessons on the working of the DEA.  This past year the SWAT team, the K-9 and SRT - Special Response Team presented a hands on half day presentation at Everglades High School.

    Homeland Security:  presently negotiating the use of Homeland Security agents to present to the class components of how they operate and function within the realms of protecting American citizens.

    All of these components assist students in the workings of federal agencies that have specific goals in the protection of our nation, and possibly avenues for teenagers to get involved.

    Interested students should click here for the application.