• Music with Mr. Halil

    Mr. Halil

    Mr. Halil spent 7 years playing the guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and singing in traveling bands in the southern and central states from Florida to Michigan before going back to college to become a music educator. Prior to that, he played most of the brass instruments in middle and high school, and later, studied orchestral strings in college.

    While studying for his Music Education degree, Mr. Halil became interested in a research based method of teaching music audiation, which is the ability to hear and understand musical sounds and how they function within a piece of music. The research has shown that everyone has a certain amount of musical intelligence which can be nurtured to develop musical ability and, consequently, the whole person. Mr. Halil has applied those ideas to teaching instrumental music to school children in Broward County since 1988, and now to the general music students here at Country Isles.

    In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Country Isles, Mr. Halil still performs for private parties and gives private lessons on a variety of instruments.

    Mr. Halil is excited to be here at Country Isles Elementary and loves working with all of the talented students at our school!