• Ms. K. Diaz
    Mrs. K. Diaz

    Ms. Katherine Diaz is the right teacher for you. Her love for kids is tremendous. You could say she has her created own little world with them. It doesn’t matter how smart your child is, she treats them all equal.

    Ms. Diaz thinks Country Isles is the best. She believes that every child can learn and that parents and teachers should work as a team. Her favorite life skill is cooperation and she loves to teach math.

    Ms. Diaz has two lovely children a son and a daughter. Her favorite thing to do when not working is spend time with her children. Her favorite children’s author is Eric Carle.

    Ms. Diaz became a teacher because she loves being around children and she was inspired by one of her elementary school teachers. Ms. Diaz has a big heart and will always have room in her class for your child.