• Caliber Awards

  • Recognizing and Celebrating Broward County Public Schools Outstanding Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals and School-Related/District Employees.

  • Congratulations to the 2020 Caliber Awards winners!

    Cari Rodriguez Harbordale Elementary School
    Teacher Of The Year
    Cari Rodriguez

    Harbordale Elementary School

    Cari Rodriguez, a 21-year veteran educator, has spent the last six years at Harbordale Elementary School, where she serves as the literacy coach. Whenever possible, she combines fun with learning. “Student achievement is my inspiration,” says Rodriguez. “Whether building an igloo while studying the Inuit, eating pasta puttanesca while reading, or dancing and singing to multiplication facts, I want my students to enjoy learning.

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    Melissa Holtz Wilton Manors Elementary School
    Principal of the Year
    Melissa Holtz
    Wilton Manors Elementary School

    Melissa Holtz has served as principal for the past eight years at Wilton Manors Elementary School, home to the District’s only International Baccalaureate Primary Years magnet program. Focusing on the growth of the whole child, she believes it’s her job to ensure students in her care are uplifted every day. “Not every child is the same. Some are book smart, some are artistically talented and some struggle every day academically,” said Principal Holtz. “All children, no matter their story, can be changed forever by the words and actions of those around them.” 

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    Sean Curran Fort Lauderdale High School
    Assistant Principal of the Year
    Sean Curran
    Fort Lauderdale High School

    Sean Curran has served as assistant principal at Fort Lauderdale High School for the past five years. “I’ve been fortunate to work with and inspire some of the most brilliant students to achieve great things, and to work with and inspire struggling students to reach their fullest potentials,” said Curran. “We need to ensure that we provide a learning community that allows students the freedom to explore their place in the world and instill in them the confidence to pursue their goals.”

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    Jane Fleming Pioneer Middle School
    School-Related Employee of the Year
    Jane Fleming
    Pioneer Middle School

    Jane Fleming is the confidential office manager at Pioneer Middle School, where she has served students and families for 28 of her 30 years in the District. In addition to her assigned duties and responsibilities, Fleming assumes a multitude of tasks each day and is also the principal’s secretary. Impeccable, self-motivated, exceptional knowledge in her field and well organized, are just a few of the words used by colleagues to describe her work.

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