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  • As the first fully accredited School District in Florida, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) continues to be a leader in delivering excellence in education to every student, every school, every day. With more than 30,000 employees, BCPS is proud of those individuals who have dedicated themselves to ensuring the future success of our more than 251,000 students and 110,000 adult learners. The Caliber Awards program provides the opportunity for the District to recognize employees who have excelled as teachers, principals, assistant principals and school-related employees.

    To facilitate the new regional structure, regional administrators will oversee the nomination process for the respective region. The updated Caliber Awards Nomination Process Guidelines provides details to assist schools and departments. Additionally, the Timeline of Activities provides the relevant deadlines for the nomination process. 

    For more information regarding the Caliber Awards program, contact Dr. Carolyn Stewart, District Community Relations Coordinator, at 754-321-2300.

  • Congratulations to the Teacher of the Year Winner!

  • Dr. Claudia Singkornrat - Teacher of the year winner


  • Congratulations to the Teacher of the Year Finalists!

    Monique Acher Monique Acher  
    South Broward High School 

    Monique Acher is a Career Technical Education teacher and Department Chair at South Broward High School, teaching at BCPS for 25 years.

    “Ms. Acher is a problem-solver, a go-getter and a dynamic member of the South Broward High family,” said South Broward High Principal Alexander Francois. “She is an exceptional individual who strives to perform at her best in every aspect of her life.”  


    Angela Cohen Angela Cohen 
    Indian Trace Elementary School 

    Angela Cohen is a Literary Coach at Indian Trace Elementary School, teaching at BCPS for 11 years

    “In the time that I have had the privilege of working with Angela, I have witnessed academic and social growth in our students, thanks to her instructional leadership,” said Indian Trace Elementary Principal Amy Winder. “She goes above and beyond to determine students’ strengths and weaknesses and works collaboratively with their teachers and parents to create instructional plans to meet their diverse needs.”  

    Nicole Coutain-MarshallNicole Coutain - Marshall 
    Village Elementary School 

    Nicole Coutain-Marshall is a Literacy Coach at Village Elementary School, teaching at BCPS for 23 years. 

    “Ms. Coutain consistently emphasizes that all scholars deserve an opportunity to receive a high-quality education,” said Village Elementary Principal Wanda Haynes. “She firmly believes that teachers should create engaging and inviting classrooms but more importantly, they should be lifelong learners themselves to serve our scholars to the best of their abilities.” 


    Nadine LallouzNadine Lallouz 
    Broward Virtual School 

    Nadine Lallouz is an English Language Arts teacher and Department Chair at Broward Virtual School, teaching at BCPS for 27 years.

    “In my 30 years of teaching, I have encountered many types of educators. Some are excited and willing to try innovative techniques, some are dedicated to mentoring new instructors, and some are committed to furthering school improvement and, of course, most have a strong desire to educate and impact our youth,” said Broward Virtual Principal Christopher McGuire. “Nadine Lallouz encompasses every one of these qualities.” .”  


    Dr. Claudia SingkornratDr. Claudia Singkornrat  
    Pompano Beach High School 

    Dr. Claudia Singkornrat is a Science teacher at Pompano Beach High School, teaching at BCPS for 21 years.

    “Dr. Singkornrat has a strong passion for science and an unwavering commitment to student success,” said Pompano Beach High Principal Lisa Spencer. “Her impeccable teaching style is not only informative but also engaging while fostering a deep appreciation for the subject among students.”  


  • Congratulations to the Principal of the Year Winner!  

  • Kassandra Fried - POY

  • Congratulations to the Principal of the Year Finalists!

    Kassandra FriedKassandra Fried 
    Cypress Bay High School 

    Kassandra Fried, principal at Cypress Bay High School, joined the District 21 years ago as a French/ESOL teacher. Fried’s core belief is that every student should have access to a comprehensive, inclusive, and empowering education.

    “Ms. Fried is an instructional leader and mentor, who understands the value of professional and personal relations. She has created an exceptional learning environment for both students and staff,” said Director Teresa Hall. “To achieve this goal, Ms. Fried builds relationships with teachers, staff, students, and community stakeholders based on trust.”   


    Angela TyghterAngine Tyghter 
    Nova Dwight D. Elsenhower Elementary School 

    Angine Tyghter is the principal at Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School, where she has served the last seven of her 20 years at BCPS. Tyghter believes education opens the world for every student and can change the trajectory of an entire generation’s future.  

    “Ms. Tyghter has high expectation for her students and staff. She takes all necessary measures to ensure success for all students,” said Director Sandra Shipman. “Her energy and enthusiasm for her children is admirable and felt the moment you enter the school building.” 

    Marlen VelizMarlen Veliz 
    Mirror Lake Elementary School 

    Marlen Veliz has been the principal at Mirror Lake Elementary School for the past nine years. An educator with BCPS for more than 24 years, Veliz’s passion is creating life-long learners who are responsible, caring, and productive members of society.    

    “Ms. Veliz establishes herself as a true leader in so many ways,” said Director Joseph Balchunas. “She leads with an extraordinary passion for students and works tirelessly to create an environment where school becomes a student’s second home and a safe place for kids that need it most.  

  • Congratulations Assistant Principal of the Year Winner!  

  • Rosheika Rolle - APOY

  • Congratulations to the Assistant Principal of the Year Finalists!

    Kay LangKay Lang 
    Monarch High School 

    Kay Lang is an assistant principal at Monarch High School, where she has served since 2017. An assistant principal for 15 years, Lang believes that students should be the center of all efforts as educators collaborate to develop their unique talents and abilities. 

    “Ms. Lang has made our school community a better place,” Principal James Cecil said. “I can always rely on Ms. Lang to lead our students and staff in creative and efficient ways inside and outside of the classroom.”    


    Christina MurpgyChristina Murphy 
    Bayview Elementary School 

    Christina Murphy is an assistant principal at Bayview Elementary School, where he has served the last eight years out of her 20 years as an educator at BCPS. Murphy believes each student's education should be tailored to his or her individual strengths and interests, with the proper supports for any areas of weakness.    

    “Ms. Murphy has strong collegial and trusting relationship with all stakeholder groups, students, teachers, parents and families, PTA and SAC within the Fort Lauderdale community,” Principal Michael Breslaw said. “She is loved by all members of the Bayview learning community because of her interpersonal skills with others, genuine care and concern when dealing with any situation and the adherence of high expectations for all.”  

    Rosheika RolleRosheika Rolle 
    James S. Rickards Middle School 

    Rosheika Rolle is an assistant principal at James S. Rickards Middle School. She is in her 18th year as an educator. She started her professional career as a third-grade teacher; however, motivated by her desire to foster an environment conducive to academic excellence, she transitioned to her role as an administrator, seven years ago.     

    “Ms. Rolle has the unique ability to bridge gaps, facilitate collaboration, and build strong relationships among all stakeholders,” Principal Erick Gurreonero said. “This talent not only contributes to a harmonious school culture but also enhances the effectiveness of our educational programs. Ms. Rolle’s passion, dedication, and vision for education are truly inspiring.”   

  • Congratulations to the School-Related Employee of the Year Winner!  

  • Rachel Robuste - SREOY

  • Congratulations to the School-Related Employee of the Year Finalists!

    Lakanbini DavidLakanbini Alvarez David 
    Broadview Elementary School 

    Lakanbini David is a Teacher Assistant at Broadview Elementary School with 22 years of experience at BCPS.  

    “Ms. Bini, as we fondly refer to her, is one of the most dedicated people that I’ve had the opportunity to encounter,” said Principal Dr. Josh Kisten. “She goes above and beyond in decorating our school to reflect school-related events such as inclusion week and autism awareness week.”   


    Lakeya HarriottLakeya Harriott 
    Atlantic Technical College and High School 

    Lakeya Harriott is an Information Management Specialist at Atlantic Technical College and High School with eight years of experience at BCPS.    

    “Lakeya consistently strives for excellence by ensuring she is up to date on all new school and District initiatives,” Assistant Principal Vicky LaPort said. “She is quick to learn any new programs required to do her job with the utmost precision. Most importantly, she is a joy to work with – her sunny attitude and quiet energy make everyone smile through the most challenging days.”

    Andrea LarkinAndrea Larkin 
    Riverland Elementary School 

    Andrea Larkin is the Confidential Office Manager at Riverland Elementary School with 29 years of experience at BCPS. 

    “I have witnessed firsthand Mrs. Larkin’s unwavering dedication to our students, staff and community. She consistently demonstrates tremendous leadership and the ability to effectively collaborate with all stakeholders,” Principal Oslay Gil said. “Her belief that all staff members are an essential component to our students’ success is complemented by the fact that she holds herself and others to a high standard.” 

    Rachel RoobusteRachel Robuste
    Liberty Elementary School 

    Rachel Robuste is the Community Liaison at Liberty Elementary School with 17 years of experience at BCPS.

    “Ms. Robuste is a living example of a humble servant. She has a genuine love of people and is always willing to assist whenever and wherever needed,” Assistant Principal Donna Styles said. “She regularly comes to school ready to serve students, parents, teachers and staff. As a result, she has built an excellent rapport with all stakeholders.” 


    Torianto ThompsonTorianto Thompson 
    Hallandale High School 

    Torianto Thompson is the Assistant Head Facilities Serviceperson at Hallandale High School with 29 years of experience in BCPS.

    “One of Torianto’s most outstanding qualities is his unwavering commitment to our students’ success. He goes above and beyond to mentor and support our students,” Principal Mark Howard said. “His genuine care and guidance have positively impacted countless students. Torianto is always willing to go the extra mile to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students.”   

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