• Caliber Awards

  • Recognizing and Celebrating Broward County Public Schools Outstanding Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals and School-Related/District Employees.

  • 2020 Principal of the Year Award Finalists

    The Principal of the Year and Assistant Principal of the Year Awards recognize outstanding school administrators for their exemplary contributions to students, schools and communities. Through their innovative leadership and dedication to academic excellence, they have increased student and school performance and have established safe learning environments for our children. These individuals have utilized teamwork and leadership skills to increase student performance, and promote safe learning environments, often through establishing partnerships with parents and community members.

    Melissa Holtz Wilton Manors Elementary School
    Melissa Holtz

    Wilton Manors Elementary School

    Melissa Holtz has served as principal for the past eight years at Wilton Manors Elementary School, home to the District’s only International Baccalaureate Primary Years magnet program. Focusing on the growth of the whole child, she believes it’s her job to ensure students in her care are uplifted every day. “Not every child is the same. Some are book smart, some are artistically talented and some struggle every day academically,” said Principal Holtz. “All children, no matter their story, can be changed forever by the words and actions of those around them.” 

    Rhonda Parris Park Lakes Elementary School
    Rhonda Parris

    Park Lakes Elementary School

    Rhonda Parris became principal of Park Lakes Elementary School in 2017 when it was ranked as one of the lowest 300 schools in the state based on state assessment results. Having already served as principal at Sanders Park Elementary School for five years, she knew this would be a great opportunity to continue her passion for developing teachers, building solid academic infrastructure and impacting student learning by closing the achievement gap. In two years, Principal Parris worked to improve the school’s letter grade from a D to a B, which removed it from the list of lowest-performing schools.

    John Vetter Floranada Elementary School
    John Vetter

    Floranada Elementary School

    John Vetter is in his seventh year as principal of Floranada Elementary School, where his philosophy is that people, not programs, teach students. “I believe it’s my responsibility as principal to seek out only the best people to work at our school, regardless of the position,” said Principal Vetter. “I know that children watch everything we do and so each adult on campus is a teacher, whether he or she realizes it or not.”

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