Redefining Schools for a New Era

  • Redefining

    Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is changing to better serve its students and community. Factors such as under-enrollment, population changes, and increased competition require the District to think differently about how and where it operates schools. As school districts across the nation face similar challenges, we commit to making the District more innovative and responsive to changing educational needs.

    Over the years, some schools have experienced significant enrollment changes, as families have moved to different areas or selected other school options. The District is exploring ways to reduce the number of under-enrolled schools to ensure equitable funding and instructional resources across the District.

    Redefining BCPS will involve community input, data analysis, and creative thinking. Strategies may include adding new programs, combining schools, boundary adjustments, school closures, and repurposing schools to expand community services. There will be many opportunities for the community to provide input throughout the planning process.

    Join BCPS on this transformation to positively impact schools and the greater community.

Initiative Update

  • At the June 18, 2024, Regular School Board Meeting, the Superintendent presented agenda item CC-1, Redefining Our Schools. The School Board approved the motion to direct the Superintendent of Schools to take action District-wide to expand programmatic options at our schools, to recommend the closure of a minimum of five schools, and develop a plan to attract students back to our schools for the 2025-2026 school year and approve the recommended timeline. This Board action provides the blueprint for the Superintendent and staff to engage the District’s stakeholders and community partners in developing a comprehensive process and plan to redefine our schools that is Community-supported, District-led, and Board-approved.

    Upcoming District Discussions and Meetings 

    • Thursday, June 20, 2024 – Broward County City Managers Association Meeting

    • Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 6 p.m.  – Broward League of Cities Meeting 

    • Wednesday, June 26, 2024 – District Advisory and Committee Chairs Meeting

    Read more about the Initiative Update

Community Engagement Opportunities

  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) invites students, families, staff, and community members to participate in the next step of the Redefining Our Schools initiative. Following a series of Community Conversations in February 2024 – where initial stakeholder feedback was collected – and an analysis of key factors impacting enrollment decline, the District is presenting possible Redefining Our Schools considerations for stakeholder input. 

    Join Broward County School Board members, Superintendent Dr. Howard Hepburn, and District staff at one of the town hall meetings planned in each School Board member district to learn about the proposed considerations: 

    BCPS remains focused and committed to making our District more innovative and responsive to the evolving educational needs in our communities. The proposed considerations include utilizing strategies such as adding new programs, boundary adjustments, combining schools, school closures, and repurposing schools to expand community services. 

    To increase community involvement, the District seeks to partner with municipalities, faith-based and civic organizations, and the community to host future focus groups and planning meetings. If you are interested in hosting a discussion between February and May with your community, please email


    Redefining Our Schools Community Town Hall Presentation


  • School Board Workshops and Meetings

    Redefining our Schools is a priority for the School Board of Broward County, FL. The Board has directed staff to evaluate the need and engage the community in developing recommendations.

    See the tentative Board meeting schedule below, which is subject to change.

  • School Board Workshops (tentative and subject to change)

    School Board Workshops are non-voting meetings where the Board discusses education matters. Members of the public are encouraged to provide input virtually or in-person to inform the Board’s discussion.

  • School Board Meeting

    The Board will review and vote on the Redefining our Schools proposal at a June School Board Meeting (date to be determined).

    • Tuesday, April 16, 2024 – Redefining our Schools Update (Presentation)
    • June, 2024 – Redefining BCPS: Proposal review and vote on Superintendent’s recommendation

  • Why now?

    Broward County Public Schools is under-enrolled by nearly 50,000 students (including centers but excluding portables), this number signifies the amount of vacant seats relative to the District's permanent capacity, with future enrollment expected to further decline. Simply put, the District is operating more schools than it has students to fill. This creates a resource drain that negatively impacts students attending under-enrolled schools. Redefining our Schools is about ensuring schools are properly resourced to provide high-quality instruction and enrichment for every student in every classroom across the District.

  • What types of changes will be considered?

    School districts across the country are using a range of strategies to address declining enrollment. The approaches listed below are some common strategies. Broward County Public Schools will research the applicability of these options along with other ways to better serve students and the community.

    • Combining schools: Merge two under-enrolled schools to provide better instructional resources. Examples could include combining two elementary schools, creating a K-8 or 6-12 or other grade configurations.

    • Repurposing schools: Convert all or part of a school to provide specialized educational or community services. Examples could include an education center (i.e., career & technical, early learning, special education), health services, dental services, workforce training, senior services, youth programming, recreational spaces and more.

    • Leasing or selling: Lease or sell District properties to address other community needs, such as affordable housing

    • Closing schools: Should a school close, the District will ensure students are re-assigned to another school where their educational needs can be better met.

    • School boundary changes: Change the school attendance zone by adding or removing neighborhoods assigned to a specific school.

  • Which schools will be impacted?

    There is not a predetermined list of schools. The District has committed to getting input from the community first before making recommendations about specific schools.

  • What factors will be evaluated?

    Redefining our Schools will involve a range of considerations, including data and community input, to ensure recommendations are equitable. Additional factors may be identified through District and community planning. Please note: The District is in the process of comprehensively analyzing data. No single data point will drive decision-making on possible school changes.


    Data Resources 



    Under-enrolled schools 

    List of schools under 70% of capacity utilization 


    Planning Tool

    Enrollment trends, and percentage of: over or under school enrollment capacity; in-boundary and out of boundary; exceptional student education programs; and preschool classes.


    Student Enrollment Counts 

    Student Enrollment Counts 


    Student Enrollment Data by City

    Residing Students by City Attending and Not Attending Their Home Boundary Schools 


    2023/24 School Benchmark Data 

    School benchmark, enrollment, capacity and diversity

    Enrollment of Surrounding Schools 

    Private School Reports 


    Private school reports 

    Enrollment of Surrounding Schools 

    Other Choice Options 

    Other choice reports 

    Competitive Analysis of Non-District Schools 

    Under development 


    Neighborhood Demographics 


    Enrollment statistics, trends, and research about residents of Broward County  

    Facility Conditions 

    Facility condition assessment in progress 

    Assessment of structures, building envelopes, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and roofs.


    School Performance 

    School Data 

    School grades, graduation rate, advanced placement, attendance, discipline and more.

    School Operational Costs 

    Under development 


    Survey Data 

    Under development 


    Initial Redefining Criteria

    Initial Redefining Criteria

    This spreadsheet provides data across all schools Districtwide for key consideration criteria, including but not limited to school enrollment, capacity, performance, historical significance, and facility concerns. This data sheds light on areas needing attention, potential resource challenges, and potential opportunities for restructuring. However, no single data point drives decision-making, and the district is committed to ensuring recommendations are equitable.

  • When will changes take place?

    Redefining BCPS is a multi-year process. In June, the School Board of Broward County will vote on short-term opportunities to right-size the District. No changes will be made for the 2024-25 school year, as additional planning will be required to ensure changes meet community needs.

  • What are the partnership opportunities?

    Redefining BCPS will take the entire community. BCPS seeks to partner to offer specialized education programs, work-based learning experiences, affordable housing and enhanced community and health services. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email