• Florida Statue 1001.41 outlines that the school board shall determine policies and programs consistent with state laws and rules deemed necessary for the efficient operation and general improvement of the district school system. The School Board of Broward County, FL is the body which determines all questions of general policy to be employed for the administration of the District schools. Such matters of general policy shall be expressed through rules, which must be in conformity with the applicable provisions of the Federal and State constitutions, laws, and administrative rules of The Florida State Board of Education.

    To ensure compliance with this statute, the School Board, has adopted the following policies itemized on this webpage. The School Board has devoted the District’s talents and resources towards enhancing the opportunity for each students to reach their highest potential. While our vision is to educate today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world, each rule (policy) will be reviewed and/or revised within five (5) years of the policy’s last review. This ensures that they continue to be relevant regarding the needs of the District and comply with current requirements of The School Board’s governing laws and rules.

    At least fourteen (14) calendar days after the final adoption vote on the proposed rule (policy), any rule (policy) that was approved without changes by the School Board shall be uploaded to this webpage. These documents have been categorized and reformatted to PDF for use on the Internet; physical appearance may differ from that of the certified versions thereof on file in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent, Chief of Staff. All policies and rules of the School Board will be available for public inspection and copying at no more than actual cost through the Office of the Deputy Superintendent, Chief of Staff. A copy of the compiled rules (policies) shall be available for inspection by contacting the Office of the Chief of Staff during normal business hours.

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    Dr. Valerie S. Wanza, Deputy Superintendent

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