• Fourth grade teacher Ms Cohen, Ms McCarthy, Ms Dionne, Mrs. Dyer, and Ms. Purcell sitting on a bench in the courtyard

    Welcome to the exciting and challenging year of Fourth Grade. The excitement begins in October when the the fourth graders take a soggy field trip to the Everglades, where we ride an airboat and go slogging in the muck!

    We will be on the trail of history again in May when we journey to the oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. There, we will travel back in time to the Spanish and British time periods at a museum. The overnight adventure continues as we visit many historical sites in the city.

    The challenge of the Fourth Grade curriculum begins right away when we quickly review all the multiplication tables and then dive into division. The multiplication tables will also carry us through to fractions. From geometry to algebra, you will be amazed where we go in Math. In Social Studies, Fourth Grade will uncover the past through the present of our great state, Florida. Our Science lesson begins with studying our planet and solar system. We will also learn more about the wonders of the human body.

    In Fourth Grade, writing and reading are a main focus. Writing, using ample 4th Grade Students support, good word choice, and organization in both narrative and expository writing is what we work on year round. Reading is focused on by examining each of the comprehension skills to increase our reading ability.

    Fourth Grade is where we start to master the social and academic skills that will carry all of the students through middle school and we also have a lot of fun!