Broward District School Bus
  • Training

    • We must focus intensely on the process of transporting our students safely on the “education” road to success. This may sound simple, but it is a very complex process that involves standards from the “Federal Government”, “Florida's State Department”, “National Organizations”, and “District Policies”.

      Training include providing skill building, compliance-based and professional development programs for all members of the department and school-based personnel.

    Bus Operator Training Program

    • Once an individual decides to accept the important responsibility of providing transportation services as a Bus Operator, they participate and must successfully complete a very comprehensive training program.

      • Phase One - Classroom Course required by the Florida's State Department of Education (DOE), Basic School Bus Operator Training Curriculum. The objective is to ensure that each trainee obtains minimum proficiency concerning role, responsibilities, laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to transporting passengers on a school bus.

      • Phase Two - On-the-Road Training Course required by the Florida's State Department of Education (DOE), Basic School Bus Operator Training Curriculum. This portion allows the trainee a supervised transition from the classroom to driving in a controlled training environment. This will include observing and actually driving in the working conditions of a Bus Operator. Trainees learn and practice every skill associated with transporting students on a Broward County School Bus.

      • Phase Three - At the conclusion of “Phase Two” each trainee must demonstrate to an Examiner the ability to successfully complete all items, as required, on the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and Broward County road tests.

      • Phase Four - Consists of each trainee going through one week of orientation at the assigned terminal.

  • Special Needs

    • Special Needs Operations is a team of people dedicated to ensure students with special needs receives transportation accommodations to access Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Special needs students are those whose disability is documented on either one of the following plans, Section 504/ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and whose needs warrant transportation, as a service. The Special Needs Operations team attends meetings with school staff to ensure a plan is documented, suitable and practical before implementation by transportation terminal staff. Parent/guardian should contact school regarding eligibility information.

      Training of Special Needs Operations staff entails periodic completion of in-service training programs, seminars or conferences to assure comprehensive knowledge and productive solutions for serving the special needs population.

      The Special Needs Operations team conducts safety and team building training with Bus Operators and other transportation terminal staff to ensure compliance, understanding and practical solutions for the special needs population.

      To find out additional information about transportation eligibility for your child, contact your local school.

    Operation Responsibilities

      • Ensure the special needs population accommodations are documented on a plan, as indicated above.
      • Create an environment of understanding for the special needs population among Bus Operators and Bus Attendants and other Pupil Transportation staff.
      • Ensure compliance with laws (Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, etc.) in conjunction with federal, state and local municipalities.
      • Analyze and monitor trends which warrant change for student safety.

  • Routing

    • Routing Operations is responsible for the coordination of school bus routing and scheduling with transportation terminals and cost analysis reporting. In addition, we are responsible for data collection and reporting student ridership statistics to support the district's transportation funding allocation from the State of Florida.


      • Operate the routing and scheduling section of the Pupil Transportation Department.
      • Coordinate database with the Geographic Information System (GIS) section of the Property Management Department.
      • Develop school bus routes and schedules that are safe, dependable, efficient and cost effective within the framework of the predetermined routing and scheduling calendar.
      • Make required changes in the school bus routes on a daily basis.
      • Prepare the annual routing and scheduling calendar under the direction of the Director of Pupil Transportation.
      • Prepare reports, studies and surveys as required.
      • Route mileage, students transported, and miles traveled, cost per mile, hours worked by drivers, etc.
      • Cooperate with Pupil Transportation personnel in the implementation of school bus routes and schedules.

    Computer Assisted Route Scheduling System

    • Education Logistics, Inc. (EDULOG) is the computer assisted routing system used by the Pupil Transportation Department to establish bus stops, bus trips and bus routes. The EDULOG system utilizes the district's student database and an electronic map to identify the location of students eligible for transportation. The EDULOG electronic map identifies the street network of Broward County. EDULOG calculates the distance a student travels to school and the path a bus will travel on route to that school. The system also allows the transportation personnel the ability to graphically see the location of students in relationship to established bus stops. 

      The Pupil Transportation Department, school personnel and parents / guardians continue to work together to provide special needs students with an enriched educational environment.

  • Operations


      • Customer Service.
      • Training and professional development functions.
      • CDL third-party testing program.
      • Compliance with DOE, DOT, FMCSA, school board policies and collective bargaining agreements.
      • Coordinate bi-annual Emergency Evacuations drills.
      • Coordinate annual “School Bus Loading Zone Inspections."
      • Bus accident and/or student incident.

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