Do's & Don'ts on the School Bus

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    Equipment not Authorized to be Transported on School Buses:

    1. Items made of glass.
    2. Live animals, including but not limited to dogs, cats, snakes, insects, etc. (services animals must go through an approval process).
    3. Large bulky items (instruments, balloons, etc.) that block the entrance, aisles, or that deprive a student of a seat.
    4. School projects too large for students to hold on their lap or between knees.
    5. Sharp objects, balls, bats, roller skates, skateboards or cutting instruments of any kind.
    6. The aisle must be kept clear at all times. If band instruments are brought on the bus, they cannot be placed on seats if it causes a student to stand.

Equipment Authorized to be Transported

    1. Following is a sample list of musical instruments that meet the criteria permitting them to be carried on school buses by music students on regular routes:
      • Piccolo
      • Flute
      • Clarinet
      • Alto Clarinet
      • Oboe
      • English horn
      • Trumpet (Cornet)
      • Flugelhorn
      • Trombone
      • Alto Saxophone
      • Violin
      • Viola

    *Music played through cell phones or iPods must have earplugs or headsets.

    1. Batons and drum-sticks will be permitted on school buses in their proper cases only. Tennis rackets with appropriate cases will be permitted.

      Items Not Authorized on a School Bus:
      • Balloons
      • Audio equipment (Radio, CD or Cassette Player)
      • Food or Drinks
      • Magazines or Newspapers
      • Televisions

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