• Who is eligible to receive school bus transportation?

    The eligibility of students to receive school transportation services has been defined in Florida Statutes (F.S.) Section 1006.21, to include the following:

    • Kindergarten through grade 12 students whose homes are more than 2.0 miles walking distance from the assigned school.
    • Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students with special needs or disabilities, regardless of the distance from home to school.
    • All students enrolled in a Teenage Parent Program and the registered children of such students.
    • Elementary age children who live within two miles of their assigned elementary school and who are subject to hazardous walking conditions as defined in Section 1006.23 F.

  • Who determines if a student lives beyond the reasonable walking distance from school?

    A reasonable walking distance for a student is defined by the Florida Department of Education Administrative Code as:" any distance not more than two (2) miles between the home and the school or one and one half (1-1/2) miles between the home and the assigned bus stop".

    The school district determines the walking distance with the aid of a computerized mapping and school bus routing system (EDULOG). This system utilizes the current registered address information from the student database to locate the residence of each student and calculate the distance to his or her assigned school. The distance is calculated using the shortest route that a student can walk between the home and the school.

  • How will the parent/guardian know their child is eligible to receive school bus transportation?

    Each school receives a Student Transportation Eligibility Report prior to the beginning of each fall school term. The report lists each student registered at the school, their current registered address, the distance from the registered address to the school, transportation eligibility and the bus route information, if the student is eligible for transportation.

    Each evening, student information is uploaded to the routing system. Once uploaded, a student is matched to the electronic map, distance to school is determined and students who are eligible for transportation are auto assigned to the closest, safest stop. Schools have access to this information on a daily basis.

  • What can a parent/guardian do if they believe the distance from the student's registered address to the assigned school is more than 2 miles or the walking route is hazardous for the student?

    The routing system used by the transportation department has been proven to be 99% accurate on the distance to school using the walk path to school. If you have further concerns the Transportation Liaison at your school (each school has a school based staff member that serves as the transportation liaison for that school). Will complete a 'Concern Form' and a district transportation staff member will calculate, using a calibrated distance-measuring device.

  • How will the parent/guardian know the results of the walk route check?

    The Concern Form will be completed with the results of the request. Parent/guardian may check with school transportation liaison in 5-10 days for the results of the concern.

  • If a student is eligible for school bus transportation, how will the parent/guardian know which bus route the student is assigned to ride, where the bus stop is located and the pickup and drop off time at the bus stop location?

    The weekend prior to the start of school a “robo call” will be sent out to all eligible school bus riders telling them to check “Virtual Counselor” account for bus stop information.  It will show the student listing the bus route number, bus stop assignment location and the pick up and drop off times for the bus stop.

  • What should the parent/guardian do if they have verified their child is eligible for school bus transportation and the information is not show in Virtual Counselor prior to the beginning of the school term?

    The parent/guardian should contact the designated transportation liaison at the school the student attends to determine the bus assignment information.

  • How will the parent/guardian/student know when a bus arrives at a bus stop if it is the bus the student is assigned to ride?

    Students are assigned to a specific four-digit bus route number. The route number is located on the right side of every district school bus just to the rear of the passenger entrance door.

  • What is the process if the parent/guardian has a concern regarding their child’s school bus transportation (i.e. bus stop assignment, inconsistent schedule, discipline, etc.)?

    General concerns regarding student transportation should be directed to the designated school based transportation liaison for the school the student attends.

  • What should a parent/guardian do if a student assigned to ride a school bus does not arrive home within a reasonable time after the appointed bus stop drop off time, or is not on the bus when it arrives at the bus stop?

    The parent/guardian should first try to contact the school the student is assigned to attend to inquire if the bus is running late or if for some reason the student missed getting on the bus prior to its departure from the school. If the parent/guardian is unable to make contact with the school or the school has already closed for the day, the parent/guardian should contact the appropriate transportation terminal for the bus route the student is assigned to ride as listed below:

    Bus Terminal Information

    Routes Terminals Phone Number
    1001 through 1268 North Area 754-321-4000
    2001 through 2294 Central Area 754-321-4480
    3001 through 3297 South Area 754-321-4100
    4001 through 4202 West Central Area 754-321-4150
    5001 through 5237 South West 754-321-8025

Basic Principles for Transportation of Students

  • State of Florida Department of Education Administrative Rules

    Important Tip


    Parents/Guardians should always make sure they know the bus route number and bus stop location information for their child. In addition, they should always be able to describe what their child was wearing when they left for school in the morning. This information is vital for the school-based and transportation staff in the search for a student who has not arrived home from school due to boarding the wrong bus at school dismissal.

General Information

  • Students should arrive at the assigned bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before the published bus stop time.

    Students that are nine (9) years of age or younger should be escorted to the bus stop by a responsible adult. Parents/Guardians should assure that students dress appropriately for the weather, rain gear for inclement conditions, proper foot wear for walking to and from and waiting at the bus stop.

    The bus stop and the school bus are considered an extension of the classroom and students are expected to observe the same code of discipline expected in the school classroom. 

    Students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew gum while on the school bus.

    Students are expected to abide by the school bus operator's instructions during boarding the bus, while on the bus and when departing the bus at the bus stop or school location.

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